Earned it Right?

For the past couple of months I have been trying to decide on a trip for myself. I mean I’ve been in school for seven years and besides Chicago, I haven’t really gone anywhere. And this would be a celebration for myself that I finished college and I just want to see the world. Well I finally picked a spot and it was pretty easy to decide, the one place I have always wanted to see, London.

So I started doing some homework in it. There are a lot of free things to do and of course besides food and whatever else, it’s about 2000 to 2500 to go. Not really all that bad. I can do that, I’ve been good with my money and saved. So I asked my Mom about talking to her travel agent just to kinda get a better idea on prices. I mean I can look at Expedia and all of the other travel sites but everything is different. And this was a can of worms I apparently didn’t need to open.

The first thing they said was “Why would you want to go there?”. Okay first of all I watch a lot of tv shows, I read a lot of books and I have always wanted to see some of this stuff in person. Case in point, I went to visit the Shameless house in Chicago because I love the show. I mean why not right? I love watching the show now knowing that I’ve seen that neighborhood in person, even talked to a few people that live there.

Second, “Where do you have the money for this?”. Okay yes I owe my parents some money. But ya know what, I also have a student loan to pay too. But for once in my life I want to do this trip the way I want to do it. I have worked my butt off in school and working forty plus hours a week in the process. I have been saving my money the past two years for the chance to do this.

Third, “Well you aren’t going to go alone, who is going to go with you?”. Of course I wont go alone, that wouldn’t be safe and really not a lot of fun. So I brought the idea up to a few friends, two couldn’t afford to go and one said he would, just needed time to save like I did. And that’s who I’ll go with, even if I have to wait until later than I originally planned.

Fourth, “Well don’t you think you should focus on getting a job after college first?”. Obviously I want a job after college, I’ve been applying already, hoping to get something, even if it’s minor. I want this of course, but I also want to celebrate. They think I should hold off planning this until I have a job because no one will hire me if I have planned a trip for a week out of the country. Okay really any job you get is going to ask if you have any planned vacations, which I would inform them about.

Needless to say the idea was less than pleased to be heard. Heaven forbid I did something for myself. I have thought about all of the things that have been brought up since I said something at the beginning of this week. Every day it’s something new. Well to get them to knock it off I said if they didn’t think I could handle being out of the country by myself then maybe they should go with me. They quickly got to the point that they wouldn’t take a flight that long and they’d rather go somewhere warm, and they don’t get why I wouldn’t want the same.

Maybe because I don’t want to be like everyone else. If this is the only trip I do for my life then I want it to be the one place I have wanted to visit for the past ten years. I haven’t just jumped into this as a whim, I have looked into things. I just kinda got serious about it and then it was like all hell broke loose. I love that they are concerned but can you just see that I am excited to do this? I know that you’ll worry the whole time but I am an adult.

It’s just frustrating because I want to do one thing for myself and it’s like I’m being told “why and no” all at the same time. I was disappointed to be honest. I was hoping they would be proud of me for all of it. And maybe understand why I want to do this. Either way, I’m going through the motions of planning. I wont book anything because I still need to let my one friend raise the money and things but at least have as much done as possible right?


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