Second Chance of Mistakes – Survivor – TV Show Review

This season is all about second chances. Every person playing hasn’t won and wants to prove they can do this game and they’ve learned from the last time they played. We’re two episodes in and it’s become very clear that these people haven’t learned a damn thing.

Lately it’s become clear with Survivor, this season included that these people are so paranoid about the strong people that they would rather continue to lose and get rid of them instead of remember that you need the strong people in order to get to the merge. But no, the past few seasons especially, we are continually voting out the strong players from episode 1 and then we wonder why these tribes get picked off? It doesn’t take genius to put it together people.

For starters, this Second Chance season took out a strong player in the first tribal, why??? I get that maybe the “yoga master” might have annoyed a few of you but really? He kicked butt in the challenge, lets focus on the people who need to go. It’s usually the women who go first, usually the older ones. Nope, this season and past few we have gotten rid of the guys first and when the tribes fail continually, it’s just “what is going on?”.

Let me answer it for you, you are getting rid of the people who are going to take you farther in the game. Yes I like a good blindside but I also know that the strong people are what make the tribe go farther in the game. Keep them around until you get closer to the merge, we all know when the number gets close at this point and then get rid of them.

Nope instead we get rid of the strong and watch these tribes just disappear, rather quickly.

I just don’t get the whole point of it. If it meant the tribe was better, than fine but history on this show has proven that getting rid of the strong early does nothing but HURT the tribe. And some of these Second Chance people actually know this and still vote out the strong. I just “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”

So yes needless to say this is puzzling to me and for someone who has watched every season of Survivor and episode, spent 16 years of my life with this show, I would hope by now someone would be like, “hey instead of getting rid of the strong we think about how to get farther in the game as a whole.” Nope, doesn’t happen.

Lets also talk about episode 2. Yes you got rid of the two people who should not really be hard core plotting this early in the season, Spencer and Shirin. But lets also talk about the fact that you were only close to winning the challenge tonight because of these two. The first two people you had up for the puzzle sucked, and both Spencer and Shirin came into help and almost had it for the win, so close.

I’m not excusing the outcasting someone in your alliance like they did but even it came down to who to get rid of, another strong person does, at least when it comes to the immunity challenge and strategy area. I get that Abbi is the key to bringing to the end because no one would vote for her, but the way the game is being played right now she might actually win. She also is the center of all the trouble and drama around the tribe and you continue to let her sit there, through two tribal councils. This is the woman who says she’s “Grown” and “learned to let things go” but she hasn’t done neither of those things. But sure, let her continue to sit there, smart move.

Yes I have picked my top 3 players to win this season: Spencer, Keith or Joe. However, regardless of who I think should win, this overall game this season is already a mess. We had 4 people cry in one episode! Seriously!!!! Grow a pair, play the game and leave the tears at home, off camera. I’ve grown really sick of the people crying on this show. If you can’t handle it, then get the hell off the island.

All I have to say is that this season is gonna continue to be a mess unless these people figure out what they’re doing. Next week we’re splitting tribes, into 3. This should make alliances interesting but also is gonna hurt quite a few people. All I have to say is all of these people who claim “they can change”, better start showing it or you’re torch is next.


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