Winchester Wednesday

Start of Supernatural season 11 starts tonight. I’m happy to see the show on for so long. Truly I’ve been watching since the pilet but I’m concerned and a little displeased with how season 10 went and ended.

Season 10 was supposed to be the “Year of the Deanmon” but was like 3 episodes then dragging out the next 20 for Dean to get rid of the mark. The plot was missing greatly after the musical episode quite frankly. Sure I didn’t hate it but I felt we just kept rehashing and not moving anywhere.

So season 10 ended with Dean “killing Death”, which I’m not buying. He got rid of the mark and released “the darkness”. Which is basically a black cloud they stole from Disney. And I’m supposed to be afraid or think this thing is the end? You’re joking right?

Season 11 picks up right where we left off. Except “the darkness” is now going to have a face and we may or may not have a plot this season. I’ll believe it when I see it because the writing hasn’t been that great for a couple of seasons. Plus I want to build a story, not just drag out a story for 20 episodes.

All I gotta say is I hope they get it together this season. See you at 9pm SUPERNATURAL fans.


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