The Darkness is upon us – Supernatural – TV Show Review

season11Supernatural. Season 11. Let that sink in and remember that this show has been on for 10 years. Yes, not something most shows even get close to and gain viewers too.

We start right here season 10 ends, The Darkness coming towards the Winchesters. The episodes jumps around, starting over with different POVs and then moving forward. To start, Sam is alone in the impala. Dean is in a field of flowers about a mile away, carried away by The Darkness. They start to see what the Darkness has started all while Dean is remembering what happened before Sam found him.

“She’s been locked away since the beginning of time. Does she even know what a cheeseburger is?”

-Dean to Sam about the Darkness

Turns out “The Darkness” is a chick. And she thanked Dean for letting her out, and to move forward to the end of the episode. She tells Dean that because he had the mark and now she’s free “they’re connected”. So if that a metaphor sure but since Dean doesn’t have the mark, the connection may be that even without the mark, Dean has stained his soul.

But lets focus for one second on “The Darkness”. This is of course a copy cat name for a bad guy or girl in this case that the writers stole from Disney. And to quote the movie that it’s from:

“The Darkness? What a lame name.” -Twitches

I’m still not a fan of this whole “dark cloud” I’m supposed to be afraid of. It’s lame and while sure it seems to mutating people so far, the writers are once again playing into the hype from another show. These mutated people, are like mad zombies. They bleed black, which is much like the Leviathans. And they have a “infected time” and a “burn out time”. Either way it’s not all that original and quite boring.

Now I don’t want to come across as hating the episode because that’s not the case. I’m just not a fan of where this direction is going. Plus, this chick looks like a emo rock band reject, also not original. I want to learn more but I also want to think that we could’ve come up with a better villain.

“Dean, if we don’t change, right now, all of our crap is just going to keep repeating.” – Sam

So fast forward to the part where Sam saves Dean, a cop and a baby girl. The baby girl was born just as the black cloud came over the hospital. She isn’t sick and hasn’t been sick even with all of the people around. You get sick from fluids from someone else who is sick or a cut you may have if they touch you. So here Dad got infected and Dean promised to protect the kid. Sam saves them by drawing away the infected people who seems to continue to flock to the hospital, anyone else find that a bit odd? Well Sam gets infected when he kills one of them and the black blood or goo gets in his mouth, much like when he killed Hell Hound, except it’s bad this time.

So the cop takes the baby girl to raise and when she’s changing her, the Mark of Cain is visible over her heart. Interesting to say the least. There are two options here, none of which are pleasant. The first is that because she was born the moment “The Darkness” was set free that the “The Darkness” is reborn in this little girl, sure it’s still a cloud but this girl is apart of it. The second, she is going to be dangerous and feeds off those around her, which means she’s going to have to be killed. See what I mean by not pleasant? Yeah neither option sounds nice. There is a third but honestly, it’s not going to happen so it’s not worth mentioning but I will. The third is that she’s being protected by “The Darkness” because of when she was born. Not likely, like I said.


Jenna: “Show me some skin. Both of you.” Dean: “Is this like a Magic Mike moment?”

So what about this mutation? Sam seems to think that they’re a cure, but while there probably is, you have such a small window of figuring out how to fix them and get them the cure. I’m thinking there’s something in the Book of the Damned but since Rowena walked off with it, I’m not thinking she’ll be helpful in any area.

We also have Castiel and Crowley to talk about. Castiel thought he killed Crowley but Crowley was able to get away just before Castiel stabbed him. Which means that the “blood suit” he was wearing would be dead but that’s not the case, somehow he was able to protect it to keep it alive. This also breaks some of the lore we learned about in earlier seasons. If the one being possessed, the human, dies, the demon can’t use the body anymore. How is that Crowley was able to do that? I get that he knows magic and that’s probably what it will boil down to but if we continue to break this for certain people it’s killing the lore? And I’m not saying I don’t like Mark, because I love Crowley but at some point they have to stick to things.

“You barely escaped assassination, you’re arguably on the run from the most powerful witch on Earth, not to mention an angel of Heaven. And you didn’t call for help until after the orgy?”

-A demon to Crowley

Also, Castiel is being hunted. It turns out not just by humans but Angels. He made the mistake to pray to the people that don’t really want him around because he broke out Metatron then let him get away. Yes he made quite a mess. The one good thing about this season is I’m praying Metatron will be killed. I don’t really care how, since he’s human but it needs to be done.

I would like to talk about what happened in Hell. Crowley is back in his original “meat suit” and is getting updated. Turns out the moment “The Darkness” was freed, Lucifer or Michael….or Adam started screaming and making quite a bit of noise in the cage. Lucifer knows what it is and so does Michael so it’s likely one of them or both were the ones making all of the noise. That is also an interesting piece of this episode. We haven’t talked really about the cage in a long time, well we did for like a minute in the musical episode but other than that nothing. So we bring it up now? Because guess what folks, I’m thinking our Arch Angels are going to come into play and definitely God. And, Gabriel and wishful thinking, Joshua too. I can’t imagine Joshua would be killed in the fall because he is such good “friends” with God. I’m thinking that Joshua is with God on Earth. As for Gabriel, well he’s always been good at hiding so he could be with God too or he’s off somewhere on his own.

However, all of the powerful people in the world are going to come into play this season. No one is going to want “The Darkness” to take everything so I’m interested to see who the players are. I am also ready to get some answers on questions and to have the Angels come back to how they were in Season 4, powerful and willing to kick some serious butt if needed. The Angels have become a dry and tame story.

Either way, this season needs to build up “The Darkness” story and give this whole story line a good life. It’s dry and tame (as I stated above) and I’m not sold on it. I hope they can change that. I also don’t believe Death is dead folks, remember in season 5 when War said “You can’t kill War kiddos!”. I believe that the Horsemen can’t be killed, they may get thrown back in their corner but they can’t be killed. And lets face it, Death can’t be killed, it’s the whole point of life. So he was probably thrown back in his corner too, until he is back and that’ll be fun. Death is also one of my favorite character so I have a hard time thinking he’s dead.

Overall this episode starts right where season 10 left off but nothing really happens except we know that people get mutated when they come in contact with “The Darkness”. We have Sam being infected and Castiel being taken by the Angels but other than that, the most exciting thing is Lucifer, Michael or Adam screaming in the cage. Really I can’t get past this. So I give the episode 7 out 10.


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