Can we stop with the Buy This Product parties please?

There seems to be trend as of late among my friends. I’d like to say they aren’t falling for it or that I can support what they are doing but right now, I’m sick of the invitations. I’ve gotten so many “product selling” parties that I really want to just get rid of Facebook Events (I know I can’t but I wish I could) for that reason alone.

So when I get events for “Pure Romance”, “Tupperware”, “make-up whatever”, or “candles”, all I think is, do you people think I’m made of money? One week I kid you not, I got invited to 4 of these things on the same day. Seriously? I do not want to do these things and while I’m more than happy to help out my friends, at some point I gotta put my foot down.

I’m putting it down now. I am not going to any of these. I am not even going to give a response. I hope you get what you need when you do these parties but this isn’t what makes me want to see you. And to make it worse, I’ve considered unfriending people just to stop the invites.

Does anyone else have this issue? I mean I don’t hate Facebook Events as a whole, just when they keep sending me invites for things like this. Or when I get invited into a group message regarding something similar. No I do not like the event invite and I certainly don’t like the group message. Just stop. Stop. Please.


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