Selling on eBay

You know sometimes you look at all of the things around you and wonder, do I really need all of this? Well for me, I decided that if I haven’t watched the movie is a year, I don’t need it. Some of them I only watched one and they went to my shelf. I order to make room for my beloved TV Shows (which are growing) I’ve started telling some of the movies that I don’t watch, and TV Shows, on eBay.

It’s made very easy. There is no fee (that I’ve seen so far) in order to sell. I recommend that if you have things to sell you use eBay. Plus if you are looking to raise money for a charity with what you are selling, you can easily do it there.

Currently sold about ten items. I have more to go and more listed but I’m in no rush. If it doesn’t sell and they want to start charging me for the listing, I have plans on where to sell it near me. I just know I have a better chance of getting more money if I try it on eBay.


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