The Darkness vs. The Light

I think it’s safe to say when it comes to Supernatural we love the Ying & Yang  Theology. We’ve played it up so many times you can’t help but see it.

Dean and Sam. Angels and Demons. God and Death. And all of the other things in between. But the one thing we haven’t seen yet is the Ying to the Darkness’s Yang. I’m of course talking about The Light.

The Light (following the cue of The Darkness) has probably been on Earth this whole time. I believe these two together are the start of magic. I may have lost you for a second there but please hear me out. We have seen two different types of magic on this show. Good and Bad….Ying and Yang. White witch (Light) and Black witch (Darkness). All of this and everything that has happened leads back to these two.

So to keep things straight with the show, The Darkness being female, The Light has to be her sister. The opposites of the Winchesters. Remember folks, history always repeats itself.

And we’ve seen The Light being teased on this show.  No I don’t think it’s God, it’s something else entirely. If it was God, we’d have the answer already but we don’t, so this is something else.

So why hasn’t she presented herself you may be wondering? I have an answer. She is growing her powers too. I think she’s powerful but now that Amara aka The Darkness is free, she needs more. But she can’t steal it the way The Darkness can, she has to earn it. Grow. The Light has to do things right, and she knows she needs the Winchesters.

The last piece of the puzzle. The Darkness showed up to Dean because of the mark, she has already expressed fondness to him. She can’t do that with Sam. But Sam has been getting visits and help from something…. The Light. The Light can only show herself to Sam because Dean has been touched by The Darkness. That’s why Sam keeps having visions, the Light is limited right now.

I would like to point out this plays into what I posted back in season 9 and I’m happy to see it playing out. Writers, still should’ve used a better name than The Darkness.

Anyway, so how do we take this full circle and explain why The Darkness loves Dean? We all love Dean but she seems to me anyway to worship him. Different definitely. So why? I bet you’re thinking she’s grateful because Dean let her out but it’s more than that. She thinks Dean is her God. And the Light, well she had The God.

We know that The Darkness has hated and seemed very jealous of God. I have a theory on that as well. The Darkness and The Light were always together, always happy and never went or thought against each other. Then shows up God, who prefers The Light for whatever reason. The Darkness grows jealous, hateful and sad because The Light is preferring God to her. So The Darkness plots to destroy everything because without God, it would be just the two of them.

However, God has been creating. All of the different creatures to impress or show off to The Light. But The Light starts to see the changes in The Darkness and learns of her plan. She goes to God and with the help of The Arch Angels, they trap The Darkness in a cage.

Cage theme is important. So The Darkness is locked away, The Light doesn’t like that God gave the “Key” to her freedom to Lucifer, so to show her that the Angels will always do what be wants, he creates humans. The Light loves them because inside each of them is their own little light, souls.

You know the rest from here Lucifer grows jealous of humans blah blah blah. All playing back to The Darkness not wanting God around. So here’s where Dean comes in. The Darkness believes he’s her God because he let the mark get him, used it, turned back good, wanted to not give in but did and in the end, she gets free. The connection, same as her.

Guess we’ll have to see how all of this plays out. But if I’m right, I’d still like my writers credit producers!


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