Sometimes you just have to weather the storm

Life definitely has a way of kicking you when you’re down. Ever notice that? It’s always a series of “WTF” or “Are you kidding me” or worse, it’s never just one and lets move on. Nope, instead it’s about 3, I’m a big believer that things happen in 3s. So much has happened in the past week that I’m starting to believe I’m being tested. I feel that the universe is pushing me to see how much stress and everything else I can take and then goes, she’s good, she’s almost ready.

But ready for what? Yeah all of these unanswered questions. Life is a course of unanswered questions if I’m truly honest. I just need to find the damn brakes for a couple of days.

I’ve found strength in music and writing. They go hand and hand for me. I have an issue writing without music or some sort of background noise. I have been putting my MP3 on more lately that I have in the past year. I guess you always know what you need right?

However, I’m starting to slowly realize who my friends are too. I thought I’d had a good set of that last year but if I look at whose around me right now, they’re much different. I do believe that people come into your life for a reason and even if they’re around for a long time or just a passing “hello”, you get to see something or learn something from them.

I’m currently working on another story idea. I’ve been writing away at my series and right now I need to take a step back from it because what I want to tell isn’t coming through correctly (this is a form of writer’s block). I have an idea but I haven’t fully developed the story to completion like I usually do before I start. I’m interested in seeing how this one will play out if I actually just start writing without knowing how it’s going to end.

This would also be a change for me because I usually know the ending before I even know the twists and turns in a story. I know where I need to end up, I just have to get the characters there. Experiment? I think so.

I have to get to a team meeting now. The joys of a Capstone class. Time to review our paper. Have a great night folks.


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