Busy week ahead

I’m used to being busy. Work, School, Family it’s always a balancing game. I am very good at it. Yet every day this week has something going on! Yes every day something is happening, at least until this weekend but even then that will probably change. The first is the Christmas party at work. First time going this year and it’s because my niece Ella gets to get her picture taken with Ella and it’s way cheaper then taking her to get it done at any of the local malls.

I also watched that little girl today.

Wednesday is now for my other niece Josie who is going to be singing in her choir at school. She did one in the Spring and it was just beyond cute and I was so proud of her singing up there. Thursday is my certification test for Photoshop. I’m not overall worried about it judging by the practice exam stuff I’ve been looking at and everything that goes along with it. Plus I need to finish the last of one classes homework then and watch Ella.

I’m hoping maybe Friday I can relax after work but right now that probably wont happen.

I’m currently writing my first piece for my Freelance Contributing.

Stay tuned to see that posted and the link that follows with it!


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