Let me Take a Moment

So it occurs to me as I’m sitting here at Biggby (coffee chain in the midwest), that I am writing my last college paper. Yes, my last one. Hopefully, my goal is to not have to go back to college again except to brush up on my skills. Even then however, that is something I’m hoping to be able to do on my own.

My last paper. All of these papers, all of these hours I’ve spent on them and here I am on my last one EVER. It’s a moment I want to mark. It’s a moment I want to remember because if you’ve written a college paper before or several, you know the amount of work that goes into them. If you haven’t, count your blessings or just wait, you’ll get there.

Either way, besides just finishing the class, I am happy to be a college graduate. Yes I have my Associates degree in Web Design and Development but that’s not really much to go on anymore. I have my Bachelor’s degree in less than a week. Well, by the time I get it from the college, it’ll be more like March probably but I still know I will have it.

I finished my Photoshop class (this was retake class to meet residency at the college) with a 112%. I’ve taken 2 more classes above this one but I had to retake this one in order to meet residency. I only got to update myself with CS6 Photoshop version (I’ve been using Photoshop since CS2).

My Capstone class is my last one. And exactly where this paper is. We have a team paper to submit then do our presentation through Blackboard. My grade for this class will be a 98% roughly. Right now with two projects hanging in the air it’s possible for that to drop another percent (give or take). I’m confident it’ll be about 98 though.

When I think back at how this semester started, I expected this Capstone class to be hard. Usually they are. Mine was not. I don’t know if it was the professor or me just putting my all into it but wow it flew by for 7 weeks and it was a lot easier then I thought it would be. I expected mountains of homework but that did not happen. The homework was quick to get finished and easy to complete. I was able to bust out my Ethics Paper in about two hours (10 pages, 10 sources) and got a 99% on it. I guess I proved my point right?

Either way, I’m happy to see things falling into place. After the holidays though, it’s time to get that “adult” job and get the heck out of the one I have now!


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