You can tell the news is slow when

News must be struggling. They’re rehashing stories that happened a year ago as their opening story. More so, we get less then a couple of inches a snow and they FREAK out. Seriously people? This is Michigan, we do this every year.

In all honesty though, if you live in Michigan and can’t drive in the snow, then don’t go out in it. More so, you should know better. I’ve driven in a blizzard, in a foot of snow in my old little Saturn and made it home just fine. Yes, I got stuck once but I got myself out, like a true Michigan driver.

I’m not joking. The news made it seem like you were gonna get a foot of snow. Listen it was a bit of rain and maybe two inches of snow. Yeah that’s it. This isnt South Carolina where if we get that the whole state would shut down because we dont have the tools to take care of it. We have mountains of melting salt, blows and dirt to last the season.

We’ve had it easy so far this Winter. So it’s not like we’re not due for some snow. But not to make it seem like people were gonna be trapped in their houses. And from someone who had to work the hours before the storm hit, thanks for the fun. Seriously love getting the grumpy people coming in.

Not that I’m wishing for something to happen. Far from it. We’ve had enough of that but I think they can find something and not something that is a year old. Maybe just maybe.


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