Okay let’s pause for Powerball

If you’re like me, when the Powerball or Mega millions gets high you may play just because maybe this time you’re lucky. For me, these lotteries have to get very high for me to even consider buying a ticket. However, when it gets up to almost a billion, I put down some cash, 10 dollars to be exact which gives me 5 randoms.

I never pick numbers. I don’t expect to win, far from it. But even if it’s the smaller winning I’d be happy. Hell I could simply get the $4 powerball number and be happy. Call me simple. I did sign the back of my ticket though. Never leave it to chance. That $4 could get me lunch afterall.

And the next thing to ponder is to what to do of you win. On the very small, 8 lightening strikes against me chance I win, I do have a small list of what I would do. Simple and more importantly a guide after the heart attack I will have.
Everyone has a plan. But you have to be smart. Get yourself the best damn lawyer. TELL NO ONE YOU’VE WON. Get your ducks in a row because with Powerball you have to go public. Get yourself the best financial team. I mean you’re gonna have the cash right? More importantly, don’t hand it out. And finally lump sum or payments?

So I leave you with this………

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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