That’ll do, that’ll do

It’s not London. It’s not across the ocean. Well it might be, depending on how our flight goes but it’s a vacation none of the less. I’m going to Mexico. Warm, sunny and sea turtles are plenty outside of our hotel. My parents should know, they’ve been there a few times.

Yes I’m going with my parents. You can think it’s lame all you want. I get to learn what they know to be good down there to avoid the “bad experience” section. Hopefully the weather is good, that’s my only fear.

Either way I’m going.

My goal now it to get a job between now and then. I’ve got one right now but I meant one using my degree I just put myself in debt for. Easier said then done. I can’t however quit the job I have right now because well, paying the bills that sort of thing. But I’m making progress. I’ve sent out several applications.

The only thing I don’t enjoy about job hunting is the “well” parts after sending. I get that you’re not always going to get an interview or the job. But some of the excuses back are discouraging. “Not enough experience”, “not in the area” etc. How can I get the experience if no one will give me a chance? I have to start somewhere right?

There was one job I applied for, got the message that the application was being reviewed and heard nothing. That was four days ago. I just want to at least get to the interview portion. It’s a messy business but I will keep applying. Hoping to get something sooner rather than later though.


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