I did a post last Spring about taking on a possible website. Unfortunately that never happened. Until last week when that company called me asking if I was still looking to do their site for them. I was a bit shocked to say the least. I met with them, their website is very outdated. That being said, I’m willing to modernize it and update it for them.

Updates are completed. I’m working on building the new site now. I’m really pushing myself to make sure it’s done right. I will have to change things and get into this coding but right now I’ve got a great start. In a couple of week I’ll meet with them to show them what I have accomplished and see if we’re on the right track. The one thing about this company is that they have given me free rain to do basically all that I want with this site. They want things to just be updated and better. Case in point, they gave me their competitions site and how they want it to look. Similar but different.

Either way I’m excited and hoping it all works out.


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