One of those Moments

This week has been busy. I’m building a new website. Attempting to move things to completion with my Sims game. Keep up with family. Keep applying for the future career, all the while trying to catch my breath.

I’m currently writing this with an ice pack around my knee because it’s been painful. I injured it about two years ago and every once in a while it gives me aches. Oh the joys of getting older right?

Either way I’m keeping cool and keeping my head sane. However, I am currently also facing the fact that one of the best people I have ever come to work with and one of the best managers of all time is currently leaving to go to another store. Yes this happens in retail and yes I’m happy for her but really I’m going to miss her like crazy. She is the reason I’ve stuck around for so long. She is also someone I consider a life long friend, regardless if we’re working together or not.

She has the most experience and the best way of handling any situation throne at her. I’ve learned a great deal from her not only when it comes to work but in life as well. I even wrote a paper about her, yes it was assigned for class but I didn’t hesitate to make her the subject. I don’t even know how to put it into words to be honest. I feel like I’m doing it justice but I’m probably far from it.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stick around. I’m doing my best now but honestly I’m just ready to move on. However, my bills come every month and I do have to pay for them. Plus the college loan is a nice chunk of change every month too. Responsibility and all that. It wont be the same without her. And I will definitely miss her.


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