The Cliffhangers – The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale – TV Show Review


Who is still recovering? Who is still in denial? Who is still debating with their friends who gets killed? We have so many questions after that finale. We have so many different outcomes possible. There’s a lot to go through so if you haven’t seen the finale, stop reading because there are spoilers ahead.

We picked up a little after where we left off. Maggie is clearly in trouble so the gang has to get her to Hilltop. This is the one thing that plays out for a very long time in the finale. They get to play a game of cat and mouse with the Saviors. The Saviors set up road blocks, clearly they know where Rick, Maggie, Aaron, Carl, Eugene, Abraham and Sasha are headed. The road blocks are creative to say the least. Cars, more cars, a chain gang, a bunch of logs that are set on fire. A game of cat and mouse. Now personally I feel that Rick and the gang could’ve taken out the first group no problem and then they probably would’ve had less people to contend with later.


At this point, it’s become clear that the Saviors have the upper hand but Rick won’t give up. We have no idea what Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita are okay or not. We simple see a dark room with light holes (which I assume are bullet holes) and a faint voice talking. You should assume that the room is where they are held. The Saviors with all their plans and blocks have yet to learn to stop talking. This is one thing I’ve noticed. The Saviors like to run their mouths, they react they simple wait, which we know can be their downfall with Daryl and his rocket launcher. I’m wondering why that is, they simple say “I want” and expect people to follow through. It has worked so I guess it’s effective but personally, I just wanted Rick to tell him to shut up.

So finally Eugene makes a point that the Saviors are watching the RV so someone should take that and keep driving while the others head out on foot with Maggie. This would be a solid plan except the that that the Saviors are watching the RV. However, they know where it is but Rick hasn’t seen them til the road blocks, which means they’re already in the woods.

Meanwhile Morgan has finally found Carol. Unfortunately Carol is still season 2 wimp Carol and at this point I’m just ready for her to go. If she’s going to act this way suddenly you can just go. Let her run Morgan. Let her realize her stupidity. And for all of your who fired off at me that this was just an act to get them to safety, is it really? After all this time. Nope Carol is not acting folks. My biggest issue with this is that Carol has had no problem with doing what she has to do since we were back at the prison, thus why Rick made her leave. If you think back to all that Carol has done, yes it will definitely way her down but she hasn’t had it bothered her and now it has? I would’ve expected a crack before this for me to by her change. I can’t however. She literally killed a ton of people just a few episodes ago and suddenly she can’t do it? Not buying it.


Basically, the one Savior Carol didn’t kill tracked her down and popped a few bullets in her. Then Morgan shows up and saves the day with his horse and all. He doesn’t think twice about killing the guy. And then suddenly two men appear, the one who was looking for the horse. Are they from Hilltop or are they apart of another group? We’ll have to wait and see, the first cliffhanger.

“I found your horse.” – Morgan

Finally, Rick and the gang walk straight into the trap set by the Saviors. They are lead straight to the final block to Hilltop and where we finally get to see/meet Neegan. Now this is where people are getting mad, the last ten minutes of the episode and we get Neegan. I understand where they are coming from but did you think it was going to be happen after the first ten minutes? Nope they had to build you up to the point when he’d finally appear. Saviors like the big show and fancy words. Neegan has the group on their knees, even a barely staying upright at this point Maggie. Bring out Daryl, who is bleeding from his shoulder shot, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita to join them. Eugene was captures by the Saviors and already waiting.


Another flowery speech from Neegan, now I know where the rest of them get it from and finally Neegan is ready for Rick and the group to get their punishment. I’m surprised he’s not going to kill more than one of them but he’s doing it to make a point. Time to go through and decide, so many choices so naturally eenie meenie miney mo will make the decision. You see him go through everyone with Lucille and finally land on someone, but who is? We don’t know. We pan to their point of view and get the first hit, blood and all. And then another and out goes the episode. Second cliffhanger and the most talked and hated moment of the night.

Now come on now, you didn’t actually think Scot was going to give you an answer did you? That wouldn’t make this wait until October any fun. It doesn’t keep people talking. It doesn’t get the theories posted online and the proof they come up with to back up why. All these conversations and all these different outcomes that are possible. Why? Simple really, they themselves have not made a decision as to who is one the other end of that bat.

“First ones free, it’s an emotional moment. I get it.” – Neegan

This is the one thing I will hold firm on. Just think about it for a second, this is such a crucial moment for the story and it’s going to change things. Scot and Rob both said so on the Talking Dead if you watched it. More importantly they said the change is the entire group not just one person. The change, is the loss of strength and invincibility for Rick and company. They are now going to be under Neegan’s control and do what he wants them to do, this is something they have always fought against. Out of all the things they said they made it clear to me that they have yet to make a decision, and thus why another reason we were given the view we were given. And suddenly Talking Dead has a hash tag ready for people to post who they thought it could be. You’re giving them ideas! They want to see who would have the most impact on the fandom and you’re leading them to it.

Yes, I have a very good idea of who it is. No I’m not going to say who. I’m very firm about this. I think this is a moment where they have to decide if they follow the comics or do they do their own take. Possibilities are endless here. I will say this thought if you are undecided or can’t make up your mind on who it could be, think about what Scot and Rob said on Talking Dead. They left clues, they are there. You also have to remember who out of the group could take a hit like what Neegan did and still come back for another hit with strength to keep fighting. Bread crumbs folks, start following them. Also remember that Scot used to do LOST.

“You’re a survivor. You always were. We just didn’t know it.” – Abraham

We shall have to see whose theory holds true in October. In the meantime, I’ll be onto watching the second season of Fear the Walking Dead. Hopefully with them just being on a boat it won’t be boring but I have a feeling it might very well be.


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