The Beast is Loose – Damien Season 1– TV Show Review


I give you the antichrist. That’s what this show exactly is, the antichrist coming to power. Now you’d expect someone finding out they’re the antichrist would be less than happy about it. Also, if I turned out to be that person, I would not keep going to the same people who told me who I was and that I had a special gift. Sadly, sometimes the need for answers will drive someone forward. And that’s the whole point of the antichrist, the confusion and the darkness surrounding them.


Damien is the show that takes you through the journey of the antichrist realize who he is and beginning to develop his powers. Damien Thorne (played by Bradley James, Merlin and Fast Girls) is a war photographer who has been used to seeing the worst of mankind, ever since he was a little kid. His parents died in a murder/suicide and weird things always seem to follow him. He meets a woman named Ann Rutledge (played by Barbara Hershey, Black Swan and Falling Down) who knows all about his past and wants to protect him, and it’s just as creepy as it sounds. Damien is forced to face his own demons while his friends seem to continue to die around him. I’m pretty sure this show in the first season has killed off more of its original cast then The Walking Dead. I’m not joking either, at least one person dies in each episode, the reason? Damien feeds off of the people around him and basically requires life to feed his inner darkness.

There are hell hounds, demons and ghosts. All of whom are wanting to work for Damien and protect him at no cost. Repeating “It’s all for you” so much that you expect it to come out of everyone’s mouth that he meets or sees just on principal alone. Damien himself has to come to grips with what he is and like you’d expect he fights it for as long as he can. He wants to stop Ann, turning to a longtime family friend John Lyons (played by Scott Wilson, The Walking Dead and Monster), who also turns out to working with Ann to bring Damien to his full power.


It seems that Damien can trust no one, even his best friends Simone and Amani. Simone is the sister to Damien’s ex-girlfriend Kelly, who was killed by getting sucked into a sink hold of quick sand. Simone wants answers as to why Kelly died and why all of these weird things happen to Damien. She gets in over her head and after seeing people die around Damien, you start to wondering when her time card will be punched.

Season finale time but she doesn’t stay dead, even with a bullet through her head. Damien’s so called beast has been set free from a Nun who thought she could stop the antichrist. Damien throws his powers out and resurrects Simone, as his followers begin to come out of the woods around him, bowing to him. Damien has opened a door that he will not be able to go back through and must face what he really is, even without all the answers.


The show touches on the bible references, plays up the lore regarding the antichrist. There so much information thrown at you that you’re starting to wonder what is true, real and if you can believe what you’re seeing. The writing is beautifully fluid and the episodes leave you with more questions and wonder then when you started, even if you get answers like Damien wants. Damien sits in limbo right now after the season finale aired last night because A&E hasn’t announced if it’s going to get a season 2. I have to believe they will renew the show. I can’t imagine why they would not. Damien draws you into a dark world where you want Damien to use his powers to help people but at the same time, makes you hope that he can be saved and stopped before he does something he’ll regret. I give the show 10 out of 10 stars.

I would like to point out that while I watching this show I couldn’t help but wonder if Damien isn’t Jesse from Supernatural. I know they’re completely different shows but come on, I had to notice that they do look a little alike and Damien’s past is crazy and even a little foggy to Damien himself. Below is a side by side image of Jesse (on the left) and Damien (on the right).



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