And the Winner is… – Survivor Season Finale – TV Show Review

I’m going to keep this short. One because my alarm is going to go off early tomorrow but mostly I think this isn’t going to take me long to say what I have to say. I have a feeling there are people out there we are going to disagree with me and that’s fine, we all have our opinion.

First up, this season was a bit of a letdown. Besides all of the medical evacuation that was really the only excitement except people being stupid. I mean I get it’s all editing but if that’s what they have to show, I think we’re losing a bit for this game. I’m happy they went back to Reward Challenges, less bitching at camp you have to see, but you keep seeing the same reward challenges. Can we come up with something new? I have a few ideas producers if you are in need of some. This goes for immunity challenges too. You’re seeing a lot of repeat things, guess the budget is having some issues.


Second, I am seeing a lot of hate online on who won. Michelle won, she gets the million dollars and the title of winner. Deal with it. Aubry may have played a better game to some of you but Michelle had the social game down pat. Michelle got to know everyone and was friendly. She learned as she went in the game and won more challenges them Aubry did. More importantly, the jury hasn’t picked someone to win because of the game they played, it’s about who didn’t tick them off or back stab them. That’s how it goes now. Again I’ll say it, it all comes down to editing and how the show is put together for us to see. I was rooting for Michelle to win too and she won so I’m happy.

Third, that twist. I will say twist because I thought for sure we were going to go down to final two instead of three, which I am more okay with then anything. However, that was not the case. The twist was the ability to take out a jury member. I did not like this, except how Michelle played it. This twist defeats the point of the game. It takes the power away from the jury which is how the sole survivor is chosen. Yeah I didn’t care for it. At least Michelle played it smart, and how Neal walked out was a total jerk move and uncalled for.

Fourth and final, lets me honest, the reunion show was a joke. We didn’t talk to anyone but those final three. More importantly, it was more on Tai and Sia then anything. Yes, I am all for animal conservation and that we need to start to change things but there were other players we could’ve talked too. We talked to Cody and I’m glad he’s okay. The one thing I did want to talk about and have it be address was how Alisha was treated by Scot and Jason when she was on Brawn. They’ve talked about things like this before on the reunion but wouldn’t do it on this one. A big letdown for the reunion show.


I’m hoping this new season will pick up. There are 20 new castaways. Basically Young vs. Old. Millennials vs. Gen X. That’s the cast put together. I got curious and looked at how to apply to be on the show. It’s your basic information, your picture and a 3-minute video about yourself. That’s it. It explains a lot. Either way, let’s see how this next season goes.


2 thoughts on “And the Winner is… – Survivor Season Finale – TV Show Review

  1. Agree pretty much. Who knows how boring it would have been without deft editing. I think the ending twist was worthless. Can’t wait for next season

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