A Girl and Her Gun – a Short Film Review

This was originally posted on Turnabout Media.


Have you ever felt alone? The feeling that you have no one to talk to or that no one would understand? It’s a more common occurrence if only we were willing to admit it to ourselves. “A Girl and Her Gun” is an excellent example of when someone gets so lost in their own world and isolation that they can see no happiness or greatness left in the world. “A Girl and Her Gun” is Directed and Produced by Paul Holbrook and Sam Dawe. The setting of a rough neighborhood helps build the isolation that Sarah or “The Girl” is experiencing.

Sarah comes from a rough household and neighborhood. Her father has been in prison and she is living with a relative who is in an abusive relationship herself. Sarah struggles day-to-day, with little food and constant bullying at school. Her only solace is an old western movie that she uses to drown out the violence occurring around her. Tragically though, Sarah’s father dies from his injuries in the hospital and the last hope of Sarah seems to be lost, until she finds a gun in her Father’s belongings.

Due to Sarah’s love for that movie old western movie, the idea of having her own gun is appealing. After all, she sees that the heroes in the movie use their guns to stop the bad guy, she could do the same if she had her own. This idea takes hold in the darkest way possible. Sarah wants to stop the abuse and the bullying she endures. Bringing the gun to school as her protection, Sarah makes a last stand against her bullies and pulls the gun. There are a few different scenarios that could happen once that gun is pulled. Will she shoot the two bullies? Will a teacher see it and stop her? Or the darker approach, will Sarah turn the gun on herself, to end the isolation? Sadly, it’s not the choice you want and the ending gasp is the final tearing in Sarah’s world and the dark drama this short film creates.

Watching “A Girl and Her Gun” was a bit uncomfortable. You see a girl fascinated with how the cowboys take out their enemies with their guns. This is her only comfort in her isolated world which explains the mood of the film. As the story progresses, the outcome of what will happen to Sarah starts to become more clear. At this point you start to pick how it will end, hoping for Sarah to get rescued before it happens. That however, would not go with the mood set by the film, so the darker outcome occurs. Shocking and maybe not the worst way it could’ve ended, but still an “I just held my breath” moment.


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