A&E axes a second season of Damien

It was announced over the weekend that A&E had made the decision to not continue Damien. I was sadden and pissed to hear this is the decision they had made. I couldn’t imagine that this show wouldn’t get picked up. It lured in a ton of a viewers even on its late night time slot on Monday. So why cancel it after just one season? I can’t give you a definitive answer, but what I can do is tell you why I loved this show.


Damien made you pay attention. It was the smallest of details that you needed in order to piece things together. People continually die around Damien Thorn and it became a game on who would survive and who wouldn’t. We had barely scratched the surface of what Damien’s destiny was and the true story about his past. We just saw him coming into his powers and realizing what and who he really was.

I never got my question answered as to whether or not Simone became his “queen” when the finale ended and I want to know. He brought her back to life and she had saved him and they did have  chemistry, so are they or aren’t they? I need this answered A&E.

I have several other questions that I need answered too. Right now the fans of Damien are fighting back and voicing their displeasure. Maybe A&E will get the message. So to my fellow fans, keep on posting and keep on pushing. A&E may not pick it up but Amazon, Hulu, Netflix or another network will take it. We can do this.

Also, I have reblogged another fan who has beautifully written why Damien shouldn’t be let go so make sure you go read that.


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