The House in Spain – Short Film Review

This was originally posted on Turnabout Media.


When it comes to horror films, we all have our favorites. Some like them gory, others more sinister and plotting. For me, I’m always a fan of the classics. The House in Spain plays homage to those classic horror films. I’m talking victim alone in a house while the killer watches on, waiting for the right moment to strike.

This short black and white silent film is directed by Chris Hyde and stars Ryan Spong as Jay. Jay has gone to his now deceased dead father’s house to try to figure out what happened, not wanting to believe his father would actually commit suicide. He’s alone in this strange house, or is he? Strange things seem to be occurring around the house, something that Jay’s curiosity can’t help but want to follow and figure out.

This curiosity is a play on how even though we know we shouldn’t, we usually end up doing it anyway. Jay is no closer to figuring out what is happening around the house when his so-called killer is ready to make its move. This leaves Jay learning the truth in the only way a classic horror movie can.


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