The Missing Hand

This review was originally posted on Turnabout Media.


What would you do if you found a severed hand laying on the ground? Most people wouldn’t touch it, let alone pick it up but that wouldn’t add comedy to a dark twisted tale that is about to unfold. “The Missing Hand” is a dark comedy that leads you on a short trip down a “What if” scenario and somewhat odd happenings. This short film is directed and written by Daniel Harding. It stars Meryl Griffiths as Ms. Whitman, Neil James as Trevor, Radley Mason as ‘The Man with the Missing Hand’ and Joseph Emms as the ‘Unconscious Man’.

“People don’t just misplace a severed hand do they?” – Trevor

Ms. Whitman and Trevor are discussing a plan to sell a patch of land in order to have it developed. Just as they are about to finish their plans, Ms. Whitman finds a severed hand in the field. Making a swift decision the pair decides to bury it and leave but a man appears, looking for the so-called hand. They pretend to help him look for a bit before returning to their car. There they find an unconscious man who is in the fact the owner of the hand, not the one they helped look for it with earlier. Unburying the hand to hopefully help the man they found, turns into a ‘we need to get out of here’ scenario where revenge is met full swing by a convenient shovel and a quick getaway car.

“Oh you found it, please hand it over.” – The Man with The Missing Hand

“The Missing Hand” is not what you’d expect at first glance. The element of comedy is delivered with ease and placed perfectly in the story if gives you a sense that you’re standing with Ms. Whitman and Trevor. This short film will make you laugh and question Ms. Whitman’s morals too.


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