I need to address the elphant in the room

Oh look a zoo pun! Yes, I intended for that. I want to begin was saying that this post isn’t about pissing anyone off. This post isn’t about a PETA campaign or anything like that. This post is going to be harsher then you’d expect, I try not to piss people off. In this case however, I need to be frank and I’m open to discussion, not an open attack.

Recently there has been things happening when it comes to zoo and the people who visit them. The first one is the guy who stripped naked and climbed into the lion enclosure. The guy wanted to kill himself, and while that’s his choice (suicide is never the answer), I think there are other ways to go about it and less painful. To make a long story short, the guy is killed after two lions mauled him. The response from the zoo was to shoot the lions and kill them. While I get that no one knew the true situation at the time I think this could’ve been handled differently. Tranquilize the lions, don’t kill them. More to the point, the guy shouldn’t have been in the enclosure in the first place and would’ve gone to great lengths to get there so let the lions have him as far as I’m concerned. The stupid are never lacking. The lions were only doing what they do in the wild which is protect the pride (pack of lions) and the area they call home, this man invaded that space. The lions did what nature intended them to do and you kill them? Not cool and a horrible choice in my opinion and like I said, the guy wasn’t supposed to be in there in the first place. Also he was NAKED. If he fell in that would be one thing but he stripped and then got in, that alone should’ve been a red flag. I don’t agree with this and I say bravo to the lions.

The most recent one happened this weekend. Now this one is a little bit different then the lions one but the fact still remains that the animal was killed because of carelessness. I don’t agree with this. Here is what happened: a 4 year old boy fell into the Gorilla enclosure in the water and the Gorilla came up to him a started to get him out of the water. I hear mixed things about the Gorilla dragging the boy and another who says the Gorilla was merely helping the boy out of the water. Lets talk about the fact that the boy was able to crawl into the enclosure in the first place. I mean what the hell? Where were the parents? And why is this even possible? Shouldn’t the zoo have this be impossible unless stupidity like the lion guy? I have a lot of questions and the zoo answered with shooting the Gorilla. However, I go back to my lion point, this Gorilla was investigating the invasion to it’s enclosure. Nature. But if the Gorilla was attacking the boy, it would be one thing, but from what I can tell (I watched the video) the Gorilla was actually protecting the boy. He only takes the kid around when there’s more loud noises and you can see him looking around. You also see the Gorilla take the boys hand at one point. Now I realize at some point they need to get the kid away from the Gorilla but he was also with it was 10 minutes. I do not think this was right from anyone stand point, including the parents of the kid. They are to blame for not paying attention to the kid, I get kids can disappear quick I do but when your boy is discussing getting into the water and then gets there, umm hello?!

I want to also point out that the Gorilla that was killed in a critically endangered species and was part of a breeding program to help grow the population. There were mistakes all around and I can’t help but feel saddened for the Gorilla. And before someone jumps down my neck about a kids life, yes the kid is important but an animal shouldn’t have to pay the price for carelessness. This also goes for the lions that were killed.

You be the judge on what you think the Gorilla was doing (this may be shocking to watch):



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