In a Time for Sleep – a short film review


A woman scorned is dangerous. She is unpredictable and most of the time will do anything to get revenge. “In a Time for Sleep” is a story about one woman’s struggle through love, betrayal, revenge and deceit. This short film by Angry Student Films plays out like a dramatic soap opera, including murder.

Leyla has been with Arda for a month and spent all day cooking a dinner in order to celebrate. Arda seems to be a real “winner” right away, with his aloof attitude towards her and his ungratefulness at her cooking dinner to celebrate. It seems Arda wanted her gone before he got home, and to not have dinner waiting for him, even though he seems to enjoy it. An argument ensues and Leyla ends up shooting Arda with his own gun, killing him. Leyla is unsure of what to do when another woman shows up, looking for Arda. Apparently Arda had been with her for almost a year but when she was out-of-town on business for a few weeks, he decided to find some new temporary company.

“Why are you helping me?” – Leyla

Together these two women develop a plan to hide Arda’s body and to keep the secret of what happened between them. Leyla is happy to do this because she doesn’t want to go to jail. The other woman whose name you never learn, leaves her a mysterious and possibly unpredictable ally. The mystery of this other woman seems to be overshadowed by Leyla’s instant trust with her and the weird friendship that seems to develop between them.

The “Strange Woman” as I have deemed her is cunning. She has clearly already started to think hard about her relationship with Arda and considered if he is actually the one for her. She’s too quick to accept Leyla, and doesn’t really seem to get mad about finding her, which tells me this isn’t the first time she’s found Arda with another woman. So why did the “Strange Woman” stay with him?

“In a Time for Sleep” will leave you with more questions than answers. You are left wondering if these two women are going to be friends, how long will it take for someone to notice Arda is missing, and if they will be able to get away with what they have done. There is only one thing you know for certain: Arda’s body has been buried and only these two know where.

This review was originally posted to Turnabout Media.


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