43 Questions I had During the Orphan Black Season 4 Finale

These are all questions I had during the Season 4 finale of Orphan Black and a few throughout the season.

  1. What Happened to Bubbles?
  2. Is Alison still School Board Trustee?
  3. What about MK?
  4. What happened to Sarah’s Bot?
  5. Where is Shay?
  6. Who would live in a camp like that be okay with it in the middle of winter?
  7. Did Cosima steal all the clusters of eggs?
  8. Where did Charlotte go?
  9. If Cosima can’t stay, does that mean Charlotte can’t either?
  10. What happened to Gracie and Mark?
  11. If Rachel was picked from the start by “The Messager” then why did Susan make it seem like they needed Cosima and Sarah?
  12. Is Rachel losing her mind like the Castor boys?
  13. What about Ira?
  14. Is the board Topside or something else all together?
  15. I’m supposed to believe that they don’t have a hairbrush or toothbrush of Kendal’s?
  16. How did Ira end up with Susan if all the Castors’ were raised together?
  17. Is Susan sick with the same STD/Protein that the other girls who slept with a Castor have?
  18. If Sarah can’t get sick and can have kids, then shouldn’t her own DNA be the cure that Cosima needs?
  19. Why didn’t Cosima and Scott back-up their data?
  20. How did Rachel see the Swan images? Is her eye connected to WiFi?
  21. What happened to Kal?
  22. Where is Marianne?
  23. Did Susan know her husband was still alive?
  24. If Rachel was locked downstairs then how come the ceiling is so high in her room?
  25. Is Felix’s sister just a drunk or is she a monitor?
  26. How does a camp in the middle of no where keep Delphine alive?
  27. Is “The Messanger” really the founder, over 100 years old?
  28. Is the military still involved with Leta/Castor?
  29. Where is Jesse Towing?
  30. Why is Helena in the woods?
  31. Did Shay know Paul?
  32. Where is DYAD at now?
  33. Are the boxes still sitting in Paul’s townhouse?
  34. Where is Martin, Rachel’s assistant?
  35. Why was Delphine saved?
  36. Is the “Director” the “Messanger”?
  37. If Kendal is Leta/Castor then why now are we having the “fertilize Leta with Castor sperm” discussion/tests?
  38. Kendal is “S” mom, then why aren’t they looking at “S” DNA too?
  39. If the Bots kill their host if tampered with, then how did Dr. Nealon survive his self-removal?
  40. Rachel can perform life-saving surgery now on Susan?
  41. Where is the boat?
  42. Seriously though, where is Jesse Towing?
  43. If the house is on the island all by itself, then why does it have a doorbell?

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