They’re Back – Independence Day 2: Resurgence


When I first heard there was going to be a sequel to Independence Day I will admit I was not sure how it would go. How do you top that first movie? Yes, I’ll put it simply, I love the first movie. It is a part of what I consider classic movies. The sequel, what could happen, more aliens would show, those who survived would fight back, so many questions, so many possibilities.

There are a lot of familiar faces in this movie, even if they don’t last long. I mean it’s been 20 years since the first movie came out and if another sequel happens, these people may not be around for it. Some had to die but it’s how and what that are important and who survived.


I want to stress that this is a sci-fi movie. There are going to be parts that are going to be far-fetched and unbelievable. However, remember that aliens are involved and that’s a possibility we can speculate on but until something happens like that (if you believe that is), we will not know. I went into this movie without reading any reviews or comments from those who had seen sneak peeks (easier said than done by the way). I wanted to have my own opinion and avoid ANY and all spoilers (there’s spoilers in this review). I was happy I did this after seeing the movie.

                                “That’s… definitely bigger than the last one.” – David Levinson

The quick plot line of this movie, the aliens who attacked 20 years ago have suddenly taken to activity and even though we have used their technology for our benefit, we can’t explain what is happening. You learn what happened with the other ships that landed around the world, for instance the one in Africa was drilling into the Earth, seeking our planets core as you find out later in the movie. You get more background and you get to see what some of your favorite characters have been up to. David (played by Jeff Goldblum, Independence Day and Jurassic Park) is now advising the current President on the alien happenings around the world and learning all he can about them. President Whitmore is having PTSD psych problems with his encounter with the aliens and our favorite crazy Doctor Brakish Okun (played by Brent Spiner, Independence Day and Star Trek) who somehow survived his attack, has awoken from his 20-year coma, just in time for the aliens to return, bigger and stronger.

This time it’s a “Mother” alien who wants revenge on the planet for what they did to the first invasion but is also going to take the Earth’s core to power their ships. She’s also looking for another alien who have come to help the planet Earth before the Mother attacks. Unfortunately, we are so afraid of aliens we attack it before we attack using their technology and David, who didn’t want them to attack it at all, goes to find it after it crashes on the moon. He is joined by Jake (played by Liam Hemsworth, The Hunger Games and The Last Song) who is a pilot on the moon, who was sent there after almost killing Dylan Hiller (played by Jessie Usher, Level Up and Survivors’ Remorse), Captain Hiller’s step-son from the first movie all grown up. They find the alien who both Whitmore and Doc have been seeing it’s symbol from the alien images, although really it just looks like a sideways power button symbol. This alien has been traveling the universes for survivors of these alien attacks and bringing them to another planet in order to fight back, she is a super intelligent lifeform.

“We convinced an entire generation, that this is a battle that we could win. We sacrifice for each other no matter what the cost. And that’s worth fighting for.” – President Whitmore

Eventually, after Whitmore gives his life to take down the Mother’s ship, the Mother is killed. She is about 15 times the size of the other aliens and can do a lot more damage. She has come to kill the “power-button” alien because she is the one who could stop them once and for all. It’s fear that guides her and since this alien gives off radiance, she uses that to track her. We again lose a lot of people and we get some of the new faces bonding. Overall the movie is funny, and moves you through a story that is possible after 20 years, although the citizens still desperate for gas after alien technology is a bit ridiculous.


There are parts that make you wonder, like the gasoline thing. Another is that these Aliens do like to destroy landmarks, especially after the rebuild. David points this out in the movie as the ships settles over the Atlantic Ocean. The President of the United States, President Lanford (played by Sela Ward, CSI: NY and House) makes all of the calls on if we attack or not and how the world is going to handle this new threat. There are other mentions too but not near as important.

All this aside however, the movie plays through beautifully and sets itself up for another sequel, although let’s hope it doesn’t take another 20 years. The aliens have changed our world and whether you believe this story or not, some of it is possible. I personally loved the movie and was not disappointed, I give it 9 out of 10 stars. I take a star away because of the stated points above. Get out and see it!


On a side note, I want to just say that some of the reviews I have read are completely unfair. I keep seeing the phrase “not possible or believable” in them and quite frankly, I think the writers forgot that it’s a damn SCI-FI movie! Seriously there are going to points that aren’t believable but you have to move past that instead of faulting the entire move on it. I also kept seeing how Dylan doesn’t look a thing like Captain Hiller (Will Smith’s character from the first film). Will Smith also didn’t want to come back so let it go that “the movie would’ve been better if he was there”, get over it already. Dylan is his step-son for crying out loud, did you guys forget that part from the first film. I couldn’t believe some of these publications actually thought it was a good idea to post things that like when clearly their writers had not even watched the first film. Another point is how the Africa storyline played in and how it was “unnecessary”. It was not unnecessary, who did not know what was happening around the world, just in the United States in the first film. This new information plays into that fact that just because we have spent 20 years studying them, doesn’t mean we actually understand a thing about the aliens. My recommendation is to not take any of these reviews seriously or believe them, go see the movie and make your own opinion.


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