The Propaganda Game – Movie Review

In the United States, the relationship between the US and North Korea is not what I would call at any means a good one. You see the news and the stories that are focused on the negative, but what does that really mean? Is that all of North Korea or is that just a small portion. You won’t really know until you visit the country but The Propaganda Game gives you a great inside look into a more realistic North Korea.

First, think about what you know of North Korea. Think about what you were taught in school and what you have seen on the media. Second, consider what these people who live and work in North Korea think of you. Think about what they have been taught about you and what they have seen about you on the media. Third, think about how the world views North Korea. Once you have all three of those in your mind and thought about, get ready to be taught an important lesson.


The Propaganda Game’s director (Alvaro Longoria) took over a year before he was given permission to visit North Korea. He was escorted around by 3 guides and had everything planned on when he could and couldn’t leave his hotel. The only thing that was free to him was who he wanted to interview and learn from. He spent some time at the border of North and South Korea, learning how tense that border is and how both sides are working to improve relations with each other. He also spent some time talking to an 82-year-old man who had been involved with the military in North Korea for most of his life. He tells them that he has been well taken care of by the government for his services and that many others in the country have also benefited.

One of the harshest things about this documentary is that North Korea does not view the United States in any sort of good light. Their people are taught that we are the reason for all of their troubles and that the military has to stay strong in order to basically stop the United States. It becomes clear that both sides need to learn a lesson from each other. North Korea has controlled what their people see on TV, no US made films and media are allowed to be viewed, although in the documentary “Brave” is playing at one of the houses they visit. It is clear though, that we these people love their country and are very proud of it.


The Propaganda Game is an eye opener for someone like me. I wouldn’t say I’ve been taught that North Korea is bad in any way but I have I guess been conditioned to be wary of this country. The same can be said for those in North Korea. The Propaganda Game shows you the bigger picture of life in North Korea and understand how these people learn about the world. I give this documentary 8 out of 10 stars. It’s a bit longer than necessary and repeats itself a bit. However, it is definitely one who can give you a lesson about North Korea.


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