5 Issues with Pokemon Go

It’s a great world we currently live in. You can now take your Pokemon skills to a whole other level. You can now play Pokemon Go, which basically makes you get away from your Xbox and PlayStations and stare are your phone as you walk around trying to catch Pokemon. Sounds simple right? Oh if only it were that easy. It’s time to address some serious issues with Pokemon Go.


  1. Only Available for People who have a Phone that is a year or less old. That’s right, in order to play Pokemon go you must have a phone that runs on 4.4 Android software. For Example, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S5, you’re out of luck for this game, you must have an S6 (which came out Spring 2015) in order to play. This game limits its users and thus is already showing be the lack of major numbers in downloads (currently showing 100k on the Google Play Store). I am unable to play Pokemon Go on my phone because of this issue and I’m not alone.
  2. Server is constantly going down. This is to be expected. Bugs are meant to be found on new apps, this is how they improve. However, one would expect the servers to be able to deal with the amount of traffic, after all they knew it was going to be explode with users. Too bad they didn’t plan that with the servers for it (which are still currently having issues keeping up with the traffic).
  3. Progress in Pokemon Go disappears. You’ve worked hard, you’ve captured several Pokemon and you may or may not run a Gym. You’ve turned the game into your true inspiration. The downside is that all of your hard work is erased when you get onto the app again after a break. You must start over, none of your progress has been saved. This would be upsetting, regardless of the game.
  4. No Quick Guides on how to use the app. This app comes with a help section but it’s not that useful if you have a question. I have seen several posts on social media of people confused on how to do things and at what level they can start doing more. The game should have a Trainer’s manual attached to it. So you must try to figure it out on your own, or ask someone for help.
  5. You can not connect and form teams with your contacts. You would think with a Google-Sign in that the app would be able to figure out if your friends are playing and be able to form a team that way. Unfortunately that is not the case and you can only join Team Blue, Red or Yellow. You can run a Gym but it takes a day to improve your Pokemon’s levels in order to battle other trainers. In that time however, someone else can also come and take that Gym over.


These are just 5 issues that seem to be repeating over Social Media and comments towards the game. There are others that have yet to surface but I suspect you’ll see soon. The first is that people will be burning through their data plans and be suffering overage charges. The second is the battery life on your phone. Yes you can charge if but if the battery is constantly being drained quickly because of you playing the game, you damage the life of the battery and will need a replacement soon. The third is if this game has a limit to its users, then its time being popular an usable will be limited. I can foresee this being a fad for about a month but if the issues continue those who can access the game will lose interest.

I hope you’re enjoying Pokemon Go even with its issues. I would love nothing more then to travel around catching Pokemon (my goal would be a Vulpix) and training them. Here’s to hoping it’s available to more users soon, I can’t imagine it will survive long otherwise. Meanwhile, enjoy all of the hilarious memes that are appearing. I certainly am.


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