Welcome to Leith – A Netflix Documentary

Welcome to Leith – A Netflix Documentary

Welcome to Leith is about a small town in North Dakota. The town has a population of 24 people if you include the children. This is the definition of small town. What makes this different from any other small town is a man named Craig Cobb moves into the town and starts to buy land, someone who is known as a Neo Nazi. The group that declared him this is The Southern Poverty Law Center. The Southern Poverty Law Center does research and reporting on extremist groups and individuals in the United States.

Cobb has settled in this town and is encouraging other extremists to come to the join and they can together take over the town. This is a dangerous situation. He isn’t shy about what he wants and even has the entire town mapped out on what will happen once they take over. In less than a month after he moved to Leith, more like minded people start to move to Leith. Those who have lived in Leith all of their lives are now starting to get concerned and scared of what Cobb and his people will do to their town. The movement and change in the town of Leith is very unsettling and just shows how easy it would be for someone to come in and take over.


In order to simplify what you will be watching, Cobb’s wants to develop a “White Supremacy” in Leith and to hopefully have this develop and spread to other cities and towns throughout the United States. The townspeople begin to fear for their way of life and what Cobb’s and his people may due to their town. Cobb has posted names, addresses, phone numbers and other information on those living in the town onto “White Supremacy” websites in order to have people be able to harass and contact the townspeople who disagree with what he is doing. The townspeople are so concerned they have begun to sleep with guns in and around their beds. They are also getting concealed weapons permits to be able to protect themselves at all times. The tension and situation starts to reach an all-time high.

In November the mayor and other people in Leith come up with a plan to hopefully get Cobb out of town is that he must meet requirements and have running water and sewage connected on all of his properties. This is they hope will make him leave town because it will cost too much to have his property hooked up to meet this new requirement. Once again at a town hall meeting, the Sheriff’s department must be present. They are able to vote and the new ordinance passes, this means Cobb has 30 days to meet this requirement. Cobb however is also tested again when he is questioned on what his DNA is. Cobb finds out that he is 86% European and the remanding 24% is African. More questions begin to arise when people can’t understand when he is hating on part of what makes up his DNA. A riot and war is about to be unleased on the town of Leith.

Cobb and his people begin to walk around town with loaded weapons. Two sheriffs come to arrest them at their home. They are charged with 7 counts of terrorizing and are held without bond and they will go to trial. The townspeople in Leith breathe a sigh of relief. Cobb’s is unable to meet the 1-million-dollar bail amount and his home is sold in Leith. Cobb believes that he is the victim, not the townspeople. He blames the Southern Poverty Law Center alone for all of the trouble he has experienced in his life. Like many people like Cobb, he is playing the victim. This is typical behavior for people like Cobb and his followers (listen to what Dutton says after he gets out of jail). Dutton, one of Cobb’s people, takes a plea deal in order to get out of jail, he must testify against Cobb.

Just when it seems the town of Leith can get back to normal, they find out that Cobb is going to get a plea deal, which will be include his release and ability to return to the town of Leith. They move quickly, after the Health Department condemned his property and they tear it down. This allows them the ability to build something else on the property. When Frazier Glenn Miller attacks a Jewish Center, the people of Leith begin to worry that Cobb could return and take retaliation against them. The need for protection and that of their family becomes a top priority. In April, the judge accepts the plea agreement, which means he gets 4 years of probation and will be strictly watched but that means he gets to go free.

Welcome to Leith is a hard look into how easy it is for one person to terrorize an entire town if they put their mind to it. It’s a hard look into the racism and hatred that is still present in the United States today. It’s scary, it’s shocking and fearful how these people think and how they truly believe in their cause. Welcome to Leith is a documentary you should watch. I give it 10 out of 10 stars. It is beautifully put together to tell the story of what the townspeople of Leith went through and how Cobb views what happened. You are given both sides of the story. One thing that should be noted though is that the town of Leith still fears for their lives.


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