Windows 10

I’m currently taking the scenic route to Traverse City and I’ve got some time to kill. I realize this is also the first time I’ve been able to write something since going on vacation.

Let’s talk Windows 10. Yes, I was forced into switching. And I do mean forced. I opted out of the free download for Months the then suddenly Friday as I’m playing my Sims game, my computer shuts up and starts the process. I was given no warning, no save time, nothing. Just right in the middle of my game, the computer goes dark and starts updating.

So I’m first annoyed because I didn’t have time to save and second becausei didn’t want Windows 10 in the first place. I was given no chance to stop the process. 

So after the two hour process of changing operating systems (I had Windows 8) it finally is ready to start. I recommend changing some privacy settings when you start.  Basically if you don’t, Windows steals a ton of data from you. If that doesn’t bother then whatever. You can always change this later in your settings.

Overall, it’s not a huge leap from Windows 8 as far as I can tell. I haven’t had a chance to really mess with it too much. I know it has some issues with Firefox but I refuse to use Internet explorer/Windows Edge. I use Firefox or Chrome way before that. It does seem a little slower on loading when it first starts too. I’m gonna give it 7 out of 10 stars. 


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