Miss Jean Louis aka the Misha Collins Wrangler

mjlThe queen. The illusive. The advisor. The babysitter? Somehow those titles don’t seem to go together. Yet that’s exactly what Miss Jean Louis (MJL) is. MJL is a leader among the gishwhesers, our queen. She’s a guiding hand throughout our hunt; but she’s also able to smack Misha upside the head if he gets out of hand too (which has happened). MJL has some curious stories of keeping Misha in line:

Last year, MJL was quietly drinking a glass of red wine while Misha calmly played with sock monkeys, when suddenly she looked up and Misha was gone. He had escaped in the blink of an eye. MJL, using her extensive knowledge of Misha and expertise in all things gishwhes, was quickly on the trail. Misha had wandered over to William Shatner’s house. By the time she found him it was the dead of night and there stood Misha-stark naked-swimming in Shatner’s pool. He had been looking for the illusive swimming yetis at the bottom of the pool. MJL-hoping to not wake Shatner- ordered Misha out of the pool and informed him that yetis could only be found in freezing water. Unfortunately, Misha would not leave the pool until he found a yeti. She was forced to jump in and get him. Five minutes later, she had Misha out of the pool, properly clothed and promised to take him to Iceland to explore the glaciers. They traveled back to her house and read stories in front of the fire until Misha fell asleep and was tucked into bed.

This is just one of many stories that you will hear when it comes to MJL. She is genius. You have to be to babysit Misha. The real question is: do you have what it takes to babysit Misha? If you think so, MJL is currently looking for a temporary babysitting position. The work includes everything you can possibly imagine. This job may last an hour, day or even a week, if necessary. MJL has earned herself a break, especially since now she’s promised a trip to Iceland. She really just wants to visit an art museum without having Misha touch the paintings.



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