Yawn – Fear the Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere – TV Show Review

The second half of Fear the Walking Dead picks up almost right where it left it off. Unfortunately you only get to see one character the entire episode. “Grotesque” was an episode of slow moving story with moments of cringe worthy survival by Nick. That’s right, the entire episode focuses on Nick, giving you some back story before the world went to the dead and how he is traveling through Mexico on his own.

You learn that Nick lost his father before the dead rose up and that he did go to rehab but clearly didn’t learn a thing or care because his girlfriend in rehab is also the first walker we see killed on Fear the Walking Dead. She seemed to have her head on straight, despite being a drug addict like Nick. She seemed to want to do better but for whatever reason, these two brought out the worst in each other.

“I want to be somewhere where the dead aren’t monsters.” – Nick

You see Nick lose his supplies and even though he is able to cover himself in walker guts, he really just walks around with them most of the episode. We see hunters on the main highway who eventually, despite their military grade guns, get eaten by a herd of walkers Nick is traveling with. Nick gets attacked by two dogs after falling asleep in the middle of no where. He is of course badly hurt at this point.

He eventually makes it to Tijuana and when searching for food or something to help with his bite he meets our newest character Lucina, who brings him to their camp to get him patched up. All seems to be okay, they are up on a hill with some walls built up but how effective that is, you wont know until the next time they decide to show Nick in the next couple of episodes before the season ends.


This episode was a disappointment really. The one character adventure and very little dialogue make it a very boring episode and lots of mistakes occur. The back story is nice but it does nothing to build Nick’s character except to make you realize he is a true drug addict and if it wasn’t for the end of the world, he would still be abusing drugs. Overall the episode is boring and even though it’s an hour, it seems like longer. I give it 4 out of 10 stars.

Here’s to hoping the next episode is better.

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