Los Muertos – Fear the Walking Dead

The dead. The Walkers. The zombies. Pick your phrase it really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, they’re all dead in the end. And that is the point of this episode, death. The different beliefs that the human race has when it comes to death. In true fashion to the walker world however, there is always some twist or unsettling factor to it.


Nick is learning to be helpful around the Colonia or village he is in now. People are hurt from either finding supplies or been bitten by the walkers. The Pharmacist or Doctor as the people call him, has been handing out medicine but the supplies are starting to run low and things have to start being considered. Nick gets to see what happens to those who are bitten. Next to the Colonia is a bus that leads to the walkers. If you are bitten, the people believe you must sacrifice yourself in order to move into another stage of death. This is apart of the Mexican culture. There are 3 stages. The first is life, the second death and third is to not be forgotten, this is why they have the Day of the Dead and celebrate and remember those who have been lost. The Pharmacist believes that the walkers are going to lead those who survive into the next life and that they are just a reality form of the phases of death.

“From death we come…and to death we deliver ourselves.” – The Pharmacist aka Alejandro

This is unsettling to watch but the entire village believes and chants as someone gives their life to the walkers, which only keeps the walkers around by the way. Nick however learns what Lucina’s job is, she’s a scout for the Colonia. She also has learned to cover herself in the blood of a walker in order to travel with the dead unnoticed. They go to visit one of the gangs who control all the food and water in the area. With a trade being made and Nick under strict instructions to be quiet, they go “shopping”. Nick sees that the gangs group is also hurting, and they have junkies who are going through withdrawals. As they leave, Nick is busted stealing a cookie and with a silver tongue is able to keep his hand and get more water for the village, since he has knowledge into what is means to be an addict. Lucina doesn’t like it but they did get more supplies. She is very worried that the gang will follow them back and do damage.

The Pharmacist reveals he’s in charge of the village. He is the one who believes that the walkers are another stage of death and he is leading the faith of the rest of the Colonia. He also has been giving fake medicine to those who are bitten, because he doesn’t want to waste supplies and they will either survive the bite or they will be a sacrifice into the next life. The Pharmacist believes this because he has a bite scar on his shoulder, he survived a bite from a walker, which leads to more questions then answers.

Meanwhile, Madison, Strand, Ofelia and Alicia are still in the truck. They have been looking for Travis but can’t do it anymore because the truck is running out of fuel so they head back to Abigail. And of course the boat is gone so they have to seek shelter somewhere else. The head to a hotel on the beach and even though they worry it’s full of walkers and they don’t have an weapons, they head in.


All seems clear and they start to search for supplies but the ground floor is empty except for the bar. Alicia and Ofelia start to search the rooms and notice that the rooms that have walkers inside are marked by a “do not disturb” sign on the door handle. They move from room to room, searching but only find a few things and someone who couldn’t make it through and hung themselves and turned. In that moment, Alicia is given a full reality check of what is going on. However, the water at the hotel is still on and Alicia and Ofelia take turns taking a shower.

Madison and Strand are drinking at the bar, getting a more personal feel for each other too. Madison reveals how Alicia and Nick’s Dad really died and it’s pretty clear this is the first time she’s said it out loud for the first time. Drinking in the middle of the day however, during the Apocalypse is not a good idea and banging on the piano in the bar doesn’t help. This gets the walkers moving, breaking windows and falling from the balconies towards the noise. And Alicia gets to see this all unfold, wondering where Ofelia took off too since she’s missing after Alicia got out of the shower. Alicia is trapped in her room because she was screaming and the walkers are loose in the hall. Madison and Strand are stuck in the bar surrounded by walkers, with guess what, no weapons.


It’s a bit stupid to be traveling without some way of protecting yourself. At this point they should’ve realized that you have to be able to protect yourself and make the choices. Since that isn’t the case, I can’t really give this show credit because someone wouldn’t gotten bitten by now or dead. That’s not the case however, they are still very much alive.

Overall, the episode leaves much to be desired. Alicia seems to be the only one of the group who has realized that you have to protect yourself and make smart choices now. She also has to force her Mom that the others are lost until they are found and she doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Nick seems to be learning is worth while at the same time trying to accept this form of sacrifice in the Colonia. I give it 7 out of 10 stars. It was definitely better then last weeks but unless these people start to learn and accept somethings, them surviving is going to be a joke on this show.

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