Let Me Finish That For You – Short Film Review

We all have those moments where we know what someone is going to say. Sometimes it’s because we’ve been friends for so long and you know a lot about that person, other times it’s random. However, some of us know a person who likes to always finish people sentences and it can get annoying.

Let Me Finish That For You is the true meaning of annoying. Amber is on a date and is repeatedly finishing her date’s (Josh) sentences even when she is completely wrong. She continues to do this throughout the rest of the short and escalates her behavior too. She also seems to be gaining bows throughout the entire short too. Makes you wonder where she got those from huh?


Clearly the restaurant knows who she is and when she goes around the entire place finishing things like, engagements, birthday candles and someone meal it’s a “oh dear please someone stop her”. Finally Josh has had enough leaves.

This short film has a charming play on comedy and annoyance. Give it a shot and have a good laugh. And next time you’re around that person, maybe you wont think that they’re that bad after hearing Amber. I give it 10 out of 10.

Let Me Finish That For Your stars Katelyn Rydzewski (also directed and written by)  as Amber, Chris McNeany as Josh, and Khaliel Abeld-Rahim as the couples waiter.


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