The Ayden Project

I have taken on a new project. Actually it’s a project that’s been happening for three years now but up until recently was a local interaction. Today I am proud to announce that the Ayden Project has taken off to levels we never expected.


Right now I am in the process of setting up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Also getting started on building website. My nephew had started a project three years ago in order to share some love and warmth with those who are less fortunate. Ayden, who is only 10 years old, has been collecting blankets to hand out to the homeless during the cold months and to help keep them warm.

There are current increases contact of sharing and sending blankets to Ayden Project and those who want to talk to Ayden. These are all updates that will be shared soon!

Ayden has personal experience with being homeless and has a lot more experiences to share. I am proud to be a part of his ever growing story and the message that is being sent out. Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As I said, things are just starting to develop and grow and more updates and information will be available soon. In the mean time, please read/share and like his story!




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