New Tech and come to me

So my Dad’s old TV (like the oldest Big Screen TV you’ve probably ever seen) finally died over the weekend. He’s had it since 2003 and that includes the surround sound system. I called the customer support to hope maybe something just got turned off wrong (it happens). Unfortunately that was not the case and the TV was only repairable after someone came out to take a look at it (which would cost more then a new TV). He decided he was going to just get a new TV.

Went to two different stores, Best Buy won and he got himself a new TV. Problems of course occurred again when the old sound system didn’t connect with the new TV correctly. Called the Yamaha customer support and got the answer that we just needed a new cord. Sounds easy right, just wait. Got the cord and still, nope just got one speaker working now. Well what is going on you ask? Well at some point my Dad had unconnected the cords and had them plugged into the wrong outlets. Before I knew that I had called Yamaha Customer Support again and they were not helpful. Telling my cords aren’t right doesn’t tell me anything, I had already figured that out. I ended up hanging up on the guy because his attitude was that he was annoyed with me calling. I wish I had gotten the first guy I talked too.

Either way, I was able to figure it out that he had two cords in the wrong outlet and boom, all of the other speakers worked instead of just one. Yeah I figured it out. And I’m very proud of myself. I’d like to say this is the end of it but it’s not.

I was having issues getting my Sims 4 game to play. Well come to find out something wasn’t completed right in the update and I ended up having to completely erase Origin from my computer and finally got it to work. It only took two weeks but I got it.

I also had to re-hook up the DVD player. That was the easiest thing I did. But yeah I got a basic thanks but that was really it. I get it’s not a huge issue but lets talk about the fact that with working 3 jobs and still trying to freelance and get reviews (have three I need to write) posted I’m a little laid thin. I am behind and it’s driving me nuts. I will be spending my birthday getting caught up. Happy Birthday to me! (which is Sunday)

I’ve had my fill of technology issues for the next couple of months. I have my trifecta and I need it to stay nicely locked up for a while. Please.


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