This election

Its safe to say our election this year is a joke. We have Trump who is a horrible person and you have the criminal Clinton. Both choices are not good and most people are looking to choose a lesser evil. But remember you have 3rd party choices too.

You don’t have to pick a Democrat or Republican. You can pick the Green party or the Liberal party. You have other choices. If your vote matters that very policitian claims then its your choice to vote for whomever you want. 

I voted for Bernie Sanders, so what has been occuring isn’t my choice. I’m not strictly one party. I believe your votes should come with research into candidates and to make the choice that matches your views and to not settle.

You have choices. You have a chance. You get to choose, that’s important. There are people who don’t get to choose. Remember that.

As for the news on Trump recently, listen I think the guy is a fool and no matter how bad things get or what he says, people will still vote for him. And he knows that. But these comments on women shouldn’t be that surprising. So why the media has to go nuts about it is beyond me. And Clinton has her faults too. I won’t deny that.

All I ask is for you to make an informed choice. Make sure you know that your vote, for whomever it is, has an impact. And of course, vote. Always vote.


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