The unfortunate incident

You know when you’ve done or gone somewhere for an extended period of time you can’t imagine it not being there? Well I am in that boat. Sadly the woman whose been cutting my hair for 16 years retired. I didn’t know this until I went to her salon and she had sold it.

16 years she’s been cutting my hair. I’m 26. That’s quite an amount of time. Now she wasn’t young and I knew it was coming but I wasn’t expecting it so soon. She has had a tough couple of years, personally. Haven’t spent so much time in her chair, I know. It saddens me and leaves me in an awkward place.

So the time came for me to find a new stylist/place to get my hair cut. The woman who took over is someone my Mom used to go too and didn’t have a good experience. I called around and picked one. I should’ve looked more.

First the girl tried to cut my hair with the product in and then was irritated when she had to wash it. Keep in mind the wash is supposed to happen regardless and part of the cost of my cut. Second, she kept stopping to answer the phone or help someone who walked in. Third I wasn’t even there for 25 minutes. All of this should’ve been clues. But I got my hair cut and thinned and went home. 

When I got home and rewashed my hair to style it (because she didn’t have anything for my hair aka curls) I saw that she hasn’t cut my hair even in spots. And I’m not talking small, I’m talking significant difference. Annoyed before this and now I was pissed. Listen I know change is hard and all and my hair is curly and sometimes makes it difficult to cut but if you tell me you’ve cut curly hair for years and do this, yeah I’m not going back. So I fixed where the length was different and styled it.

My hair is cut and thinned but I’m never going back to that salon. I’ll worry about finding a new one when I need a cut. I’m just really bummed. All in all, my hair don’t look that bad right?


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