Proxy say what? – Short Film Review

Those awkward conversations. We all have them, some more then others and sometimes it all depends on the topic at hand. In any relationship whether it’s family or friends or your significant other, those awkward moments are going to happen.

So do you have one that stands out in your mind? Maybe it comes to those moments where you talk about the “what if”. Well Proxy takes a look at that awkward conversation and what follows during and after. And I’ll be honest, it’s pretty much dead on those for those weird awkward conversations.


Proxy while a little cheesy at times does play into the “what if” and how everyone has their own way of viewing things. Some people know exactly what they want when they die and how it should be handled, all of which is the normal (funeral and then in the ground). Some people however have a different take on a death and want to be buried and grow into a tree, all of which made me think of a Dan Cook joke about an argument he had with an atheist. Both of which are hilarious when someone says out loud. I give Proxy 8 out of 10 stars for nailing the awkward dead on. You can watch it below:


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