Supernatural returns for a 12th season


Its seems like one of my favorite shows isn’t going anywhere soon. Supernatural is in it’s 12th season as of yesterday and it’s picking up where it left off and getting back to its roots. Mary, Dean and Sam’s mom is back and while she doesn’t remember dying or ever meeting Dean before (more on that here) and is trying to catch up with the world. Meanwhile, Castiel is landing back on planet Earth and clearly pissed back being thrown around. We all remember where Sam is, hurt from a woman across the pond and we don’t know how long it will go on.

Sam is of course Sam and isn’t afraid of the two women who are holding him. He can’t really think they’ll do anything worse then that of Lucifer who tortured him in Hell. And Sam has clearly had worse then these two women can do. Also, if they just wanted to ask some questions, I think the kidnapping him, typing him up and threatening torture is a bit excessive don’t ya think?

Castiel is back to his season 4 self who is more of a tough guy then this quiet puppy in the corner. I say that with all of the love in the world but lets to be honest, last night Castiel was in “don’t mess with me” mode. Mary really seemed to like him too, even after she learned who and what he was. That says a lot too.

“No I don’t have a harp.” – Castiel

Dean however is still trying to come to terms with having Mary back. He doesn’t know what it means or how to go from this. He also has to rescue Sam and for a minute get Castiel back who is happy to hear he’s still alive. Dean hasn’t really shared his story as to what happened with The Darkness and God but he’s got bigger problems because if there’s one thing we know about Dean, nobody messes with his little brother.

Crowley is hunting Lucifer which is just a bad idea all the way around. He knows that he can’t take Hell back until Lucifer is dead but does he really believe he can kill Lucifer? Lucifer of course is burning through vessels like there pieces of candy. Luckily for Crowley he’s got two dumb demons who don’t realize their being followed until it’s too late. I can’t wait to see who Lucifer finds for his vessel.

“Sam and me, saving people and hunting things, this is what we do.” – Dean

Most of this episode was a lead up to something bigger next week but it was also full of “can I slap her” moments between the two British women and a couple of times Mary Winchester. Honestly I get that coming back is tough and it would be hard to understand the 30 year difference but at some point, you’re hunting and your two children are here and alive. Accept it and take it on one day at a time. I enjoyed the moments where they get back to the roots of this show and I hope this develops well with the Men of Letters across the pond. I give it 9 out of 10 stars!

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