Mary Winchester


Mary Winchester is back. That’s right at the end of season 11 The Darkness paid back Dean for all his help in reuniting God and her, she gave him his greatest wish. That of course was getting his Mom back. After all Sam and Dean go visit their parents grave right before they think and believe Dean is going to have to kill himself in order to stop The Darkness. There’s a lot of foreshadowing in the final episode of season 11 and even before that to let you know that Mary is coming back.

What does this mean though? How will it affect Dean? How will it affect Sam who has never known is Mom? So many questions but we do have a few answers and some issues with the timeline and previous plots too that I’d like to discuss. I mentioned this in my review of the season 12 premiere. I wanted to do a separate post to discuss this and to see if anyone else noticed the problem.

Here is what we do know. We know that Mary Winchester was raised to be a Hunter. She of course didn’t want that and decided after her parents were killed by Yellow Eyes that she would live a life away from hunting with her then boyfriend John Winchester. We know that Yellow Eyes killed John and then made a deal with Mary to bring John back and to of course visit Sam in his crib in 10 years. We know that Yellow Eyes bled into Sam and Mary caught him, recognizing Yellow Eyes and then was buried on the ceiling in their bedroom. And thus we have the Winchesters, Men of Letters and lifetime Hunters. There’s other details in their too but we could be here a while going through them.


I want to point out something that was brought up in the season 12 premiere. Dean explained who he was and how he knew things because Mary had no idea who Dean was when they first came face to face. Understandable since she’s been dead and last time she was alive Dean was 4. Here’s the issue though, Dean has seen and talked to Mary in his older state. He has traveled not once but twice to the past to visit/talk with Mary Winchester. Not only that, Sam went with him once. This was back in seasons 4 and 5. Dean in season 4 when Castiel sent him back to see how this all began with Mary making the deal. In season 5 both Dean and Sam went back after Anna was set on killing Mary before Sam could be born thus stopping the apocalypse. In season 4 Dean introduces himself as another hunter but does leave some clues to Mary to help try and stop the future impact on his life.

The key point here is what happens in season 5. In season 5 Dean and Sam arrive at Mary’s door to warn her about Anna and she REMEMBERS Dean and of course all of the events that unfolded in their previous meeting. This is a key point because in season 12, Mary says she has no memory of EVER MEETING Dean. She has never seen him but when he is a little kid. So if she didn’t remember him now, how did she remembers him before? I would like to note that this isn’t the first time the writers/producers of the house have totally screwed up the past story line with the present. It is however important to note because without the past incidents then we couldn’t have the future we have.

“But to actually do it after 30 years, a lot has changed.” – Mary

I’m hoping this will get explained but I’m more leaning on that they’re hoping no one would notice. Sorry guys, I pay attention and I wasn’t going to let this one slip bye. I’m sure the easiest way is that the angels cleared her memories but if that’s the case then how did she remember him when they visited in season 5? No memory erasing there.

Did anyone else notice this? Did anyone else think it funny how she didn’t remember now but did back then? And how do you think this could be explained away. I’m open to a discussion.



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