Welcome to The Kingdom – The Walking Dead – TV Review

It’s time for a complete mood change. After the premiere episode The Walking Dead turned into a more developed and mellow story. It had to after the brutal and grotesque start to the season that comes standard with Negan now apart of the story line. My favorite character and in my opinion, the most badass character apart of The Walking Dead world, Shiva the tiger. She is a the pet tiger of King Ezekiel of The Kingdom. And she didn’t disappoint.


Morgan and Carol pick up there story almost right exactly where they left off. Morgan goes with the group from The Kingdom in order to get Carol some help. Also a bit of curiosity on Morgan’s end too. Carol takes a few days to get better and in that time Morgan learns a lot about The Kingdom. Carol is in her typical I don’t want to hurt anyone mode and also playing her role as a small helpless lady. Ezekiel of course is happy to have new people apart of the group but they must participate in order to stay. Simple enough, earn your keep.

Morgan helps the group raise their pigs, by having them eat walkers. They want them fat and they want them ready as soon as possible. Morgan finds it weird and it gets worse when they tell Morgan that he needs to keep quiet what he sees. Ezekiel implies what we already suspect, that they deliver goods to The Saviors too. Morgan of course knows who Ezekiel is talking about and when pressed doesn’t have much to say. How could he after he left before Negan and The Saviors took Rick and the others.

“Drink from the well, replenish the well.” – Ezekiel

Carol attempts to escape again and before she can is caught by Ezekiel. He is curious about Carol and her story. He wants to know more and because of this shares some of his history. Ezekiel and everything you see with the others is all an act, he is just doing what he can to help everyone survive and play a role that is needed in the new world. The one thing I don’t like is the some of attraction between the two of them. No this is not an idea I like and quite frankly I’m starting to wonder if they’re preparing to kill Carol. We shall see.


In the end, Morgan decides to head back to Alexandria and tell Rick what he discovered. Carol stays, outside of The Kingdom in a small house. She isn’t ready to go back and doesn’t want to be apart of the group. There’s a knock on the door, followed by a growl. It’s Ezekiel and Shiva, attempting Carol yet again to have a pomegranate.

This episode is definitely a change from the premiere. It’s develops the story of The Kingdom and lets you into some secrets among the groups that we have currently met in the past season of The Walking Dead. I’m happy to see Ezekiel and Shiva. I’m excited to see how different from the comics this season will be. Things are just starting to develop. I give this episode 9 out of 10. More Shiva, please.

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