The Cell – The Walking Dead

The third episode in season 7 of The Walking Dead was a complete stall into the season. We had two episodes of motion and change for the group and knowledge of the world around Alexandria. And now the third episode took an interesting turn.


We get to see what Daryl has been up to since Negan and The Saviors took him. Daryl has been locked in a cell (clever title play) and the only real good thing out of this is that he’s finally naked. I know I’m not the only one who had that thought. He’s being tortured so to speak by a song called “Easy Street” every time he tries to sleep. A song that should be cheerful but instead is now stuck in our heads for the rest of the season, our own version of tortured.

Dwight and Negan are attempting to break Daryl down. See Negan wants Daryl to join them, even after Daryl got a great punch in on him. Negan walks around and everyone kneels, never questioning it and if you do, well you’re punished. Daryl learns that some of the other people held there must complete a zombie obstacle course. The rules are simple you follow and listen to Negan and don’t question his orders. You stay in line and survive.


Try as they might, Daryl wont break. Dwight has to go out and catch someone who left the group and this proves that Daryl is watching what is happening even in the cell. He’s paid attention to when they come to visit him to bring him food and how the door locks. He eventually is even able to sleep through the song, which would actually happen because you’d start to tune it out or just get too tired to care. Daryl is able to get out of his cell and he’s caught soon after by Negan and some of his men. They all show Daryl that they follow Negan and will always admit to being him, effective if anyone ever tries to kill him.

“Wow you don’t scare easy, I like that.” – Negan

We have seen this before when Rick and the group thought they had killed Negan, even though Carol knew better and didn’t say anything. Just when you start to think that maybe, maybe Daryl will give in, he doesn’t. Daryl does however learn something interesting, that Dwight had his wife stolen by Negan. In order to Dwight and Sherry to survive after returning to there, Sherry had to marry Negan and give up Dwight. Dwight wasn’t completely saved though because Negan punished him by pressing his face into a hot iron. This of course caused the scarring we now see on Dwight’s face.

Negan believes Dwight to be loyal and I think in a way he is. However, I do think given that chance that Sherry and Dwight would turn on Negan if they truly thought they could win and kill Negan. I think these two may end up teaming up with Daryl. Overall Daryl isn’t going to join Negan and The Saviors. Other then that we really don’t move anywhere. A back story to Dwight wasn’t really helpful unless he’s going to be helpful later. We shall see. I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

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