Please take your hands off of Judith – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is all about pushing buttons. It’s not just the characters but those of us who watch and watch it loyally. Pushing buttons I think is part of the appeal of this show for a lot of people. It makes you think and it takes your emotions on a roller coaster ride into places you didn’t know. More to the point, it makes you care about characters and their lives and that’s sometimes people you should or wouldn’t even consider.

We all can agree that if Daryl dies, well it’s not gonna be pretty. He’s not even in the comics and people love him more then other characters. I’m one of those people. Daryl is made for this show and Normand kills his performance each time. Agreed?


Anyway, this Sunday Carl got an inside look into the home of the Saviors and how Negan lives. Carl got to his Negan harem of wives and how he deals with punishing people. The both sick and twistedness of it is off putting to say the least. However, I was oddly fascinated with Negan’s take on Carl. He actually seemed concerned for what Carl could do and a little afraid. In true Negan fashion though, he was still that crazy man we know and made sure Carl knew it too. He didn’t punish Carl in a way you’d expect, he just took him home. Thankfully Rick isn’t home so the punishment isn’t going to be a for sure quick thing.

Rick is out with Aaron hunting for supplies and things to not only keep the Saviors and Negan happy but to help Alexandria survive. This is going to require more work and travel since it seems that Negan has rushed through most of the area. It’s safe to say at this point that the Saviors are really an army of people. There definitely not just a group.

Carl brings Negan home and it’s pretty clear that everyone at Alexandria is trying to keep the children and definitely Judith a secret from Negan. After Rick’s revelation and truth about Judith it’s clear we all feel just a little bit more protective of the girl too. So when Negan discovers her after wanting a tour of Carl’s place and taking off his shoes, it’s a bit off putting.


For one thing, Negan just doesn’t seem like the guy who would want kids. Odd considering his harem of wives but he just doesn’t seem like the guy. I mean he’s crazy to put it politely but he’s just the guy who would walk away from a kid instead of taking care of it. However, with Judith he’s completely soft and caring. Like I was wondering if I was watching Negan’s twin rather then Negan for a second. It was weird and Judith was definitely not afraid of him, she’s clearly napping on him at one point. Carl is watching carefully though, always waiting and ready like a good big brother.

The thing about Negan though I want to point out is that while I hate him. I also don’t want him to go away anytime soon. I think he’s a great turn into the story-line and I think he’s gonna push the group more the anyone they’ve ever met before. He’s also not going to be easy to take down. I also can’t wait to see that happen. It’s definitely a hate/love relationship. I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

“I’d like to take it back to awkward silences now.” – Eugene



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