The Trouble With Atheism – Documentary Review

Religion can be a dangerous subject to get into too. Humans have their own beliefs and views on everything. It’s who we are. You could say it’s in our DNA. No matter how you approach it, religion can have two outcomes, someone is right and someone is wrong. It doesn’t matter how many people you include in that, that’s how it is.


I found a website, thanks to Pinterest called Documentary Heaven. This is a website that allows you to watch an insane amount of documentaries for free and honestly worth taking a look at folks. They have documentaries on everything. I mean the categories are amazing and there’s a list of the top 100 if you want to start somewhere before you search from something. These are all submitted from somewhere else and linked together into one. It’s my new favorite website.

The Trouble With Atheism is a look at how different religions, especially those who are atheist, look at the world and religion. It’s not a hate documentary on atheist or any other religion. It’s an in depth look into how those became Atheist and and those who are and why they are. It answers those questions and a lot more. The one thing I love is that it’s not tip-toeing around the issue but more of a given face to how the world is looking at religion now, and those who don’t have it at all.

The Trouble With Atheism, true freethinker..jpg

Rob Liddle is the host and the one taking you through meeting several different people and why they are Atheist. A lot of them use science to back up their belief which is quite funny when you think about it because Atheist are suppose to not believe in any type of God. Just a little bit of something to smirk at personally (I’m not hating on anyone’s beliefs, just to be clear). Rob has his own beliefs and you will see it a few times come through even when he is trying to learn through these people. The common ground is the Darwinism is the reason that people use to explain Atheism.

The Trouble With Atheism is an hour long Documentary. It takes you into the science of religion and Atheism. It takes several different approaches into figuring out the truth and what Atheism is and those who believe in it. It’s not off putting or an angry look into a type of belief that people have. It’s a well put together and thought putting Documentary. I give it 10 out of 10 stars.

You can watch The Trouble With Atheism here.


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