I’m in this moment of my life where while I’m not really where I want to be, I’m stilling trying to stay happy. I had a bit of a rough patch not that long ago and I don’t want to be back there. I’m looking at the positive. I’m looking forward.

Right now, still trying to get a better job. It’s way easier said then done. I’m learning that you gotta get a lot of rejections before you get accepted. It reminds me of when you try to get your first credit card. No one will give you one because you have no credit but you can’t get credit without one. Oh how I’m glad I’m over that hump.

I’m attempting to stay positive. I’m really just taking things as they come. I’ve entered a few contests, which I usually never do because I don’t win. Okay scratch that, I usually just win books. No seriously, I have a ton of books in my library that I just won. I’d like to get the trip/vacation win because at this rate I’ll never get a vacation again. My bills and student loan payments leave me with only a little bit of cash (oh that a adulting).

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