Getting it all – The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale review

It’s about half-way through December and the holidays are coming so it’s time for mid-season finale shows and The Walking Dead is one of them. This time the finale was set up to follow the comics and to bring together our separate story-lines we’ve had throughout this entire season so far.

“And I fed him spaghetti.” – Negan

Negan is of course still at Alexandria and we’re waiting for Rick to return. He and Aaron have successfully gotten a boat of supplies from a lake filled with walkers. Michonne has found where The Saviors live. Maggie and Sasha are helping Hilltop. Jesus and Daryl escape The Savior camp. Spencer turns out to be the douche-bag of a guy you knew him to be in trying to talk Negan into killing Rick. And Rosita starts to plan on when she’s gonna use her bullet on Negan.


It seems all tied together into a nice little bow on a present. This is Negan however and when he’s being nice, it’s not for long. Negan went and killed 2 more people. Spencer of course had to go because he was still wanting to take over Alexandria from Rick. And Olivia has been foreshadowed since Negan arrived at Alexandria. Two people who really weren’t that big of characters but they did need to go. Spencer for his need to want power and Olivia because she was too set in her ways and unwillingness to learn how to survive. These were easy character deaths.

In the end, Daryl and Rick reunite and they arrive at Hilltop, to form a plan to keep fighting. There is also a new character to the mix. This is the person that Rick took the supplies from, they followed Aaron and Rick back to Alexandria and their watching. This is the start to what the second half of the season is referred to now as “Rise Up”. The Walking Dead of course doesn’t return until February so we have about two months to stew and come up with theories as to who our new person is, will they continue this tread of following the comics and can all three groups actually stop The Saviors.

“Oh you are such a bad-ass.” – Negan

Overall the episode, for a finale anyway, was a bit of a let down. 90 minutes and the only real things happen in the last 35. This is obviously a build up for the second half and given that 4 characters have died in 8 episodes you’d think there would be more. The storylines are hopefully going to now be one together, except of course Morgan and Carol who are at The Kingdom. These separate story-lines were a bit draggy this season so far. I’m hoping this season half picks up because while Negan is a crazy guy and clearly not going to slow down, he’s still dangerous. I give it 6 out of 10 stars.


The one thing I am excited for in this second half is hopefully Ezekiel and Rick meet. That should be interesting and quite entertaining I think. I want can’t wait to see if this “mystery” person is a friend or foe to Rick and the gang.

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