Patriots Day


When it comes to an attack on on US soil, we as Americans are united by more then just our citizenship. It’s not just the people in the area that were attacked, it’s an attack on all of us. That’s one of the main components of Patriots Day. Yes, it tells the story of what happened at the Boston Marathon bombing but it also shows that those in Boston weren’t just Boston Strong, we are all Boston Strong.

Patriots Day starts off a few hours before the marathon starts. It takes you through characters and components of what is about to happen. You see the two terrorists at home, going through the last preparations for their terror attack. You see the Boston Police getting ready for the busy streets of Boston for the marathon.You see those who were injured in the bombings. It’s the innocence in the beginning that makes watching the explosions and seeing those injured that makes the movement of the story and the mood of the movie a pivotal point.

“Let’s get evidence started right over there. The clock is ticking, the world is watching.” – Richard DesLauriers

We start at the race. We see the explosions. We see those injured. Most importantly you see the reactions of the police and other personnel for the race move into to quick action to help those who were hurt. You see the paramedics move and take multiple people to the hospital. You see all of this. Nothing is coated, nothing is taken lightly. It’s powerful and it’s tough to watch but that’s the whole point.

The FBI comes in and takes over. It’s a terrorist attacked based off of quick evidence check near the point of the explosion. They gather everything, take it to a warehouse and reassemble all of it in the exact place it would have been on the street. And then they start digging. Thousands of videos are collected, along with photos and statements regarding what happened and what people saw. There is a small force brought in to go through all of this and to put the scene back together.

The FBI put together who they think did it. Video footage shows the two bombers and they are quietly sitting at home, watching the news to see if they’re going to get caught or not. The FBI now has a firm idea of a suspect but somehow something got leaked to the media about who they think did it and they are forced, before there timeline, to release the men they believe responsible for the attack. From there it’s a story of about a lot of what you saw on the news. The boys try to flee, taking the car of a young man and holding him hostage until he is able to escape. You see how the one bombers friends knew that it was him on the news immediately and found evidence in his dorm room and didn’t call the police.


You move quickly through the entire city of Boston being shut down to find these two guys. You see the scene where one of the bomber is killed and allows the younger one to get away but only for a short time. You see the capture of the young bomber who is being held on Death Row. The re-life images verses how the film played through telling their story. Another pivotal point in the story of the Boston Marathon and the bombers.

Overall, this movie does a fantastic job of telling the story of what happened that day in April 2013. It moves through all components that led to the capture of Jahar and the death of his brother. It shows the strength of Boston and those who were injured in the attack. It shows the hard work and dedication of the researchers, analyst and police officers and victims in the capture of the terrorists. Is there some Hollywood editting? Of course, Mark Wahlberg’s character (Tommy Saunders) is a fictional character throughout the entire movie. This is clear when he’s in almost every scene. However, this is another one of the movies that tells the best history and story of what happened that day. It needs to be seen. I give it 10 out of 10 stars.

“What I saw today, good versus evil, love versus hate. There’s only one weapon you have to fight back with, it’s love. You wrap your arms around each other, I don’t think there’s a way they could ever win.” – Sgt. Tommy Saunders

I should mention too that I was one of those people when I first heard about the movie and saw the trailer that thought it was too soon for the movie. However, I can see that I’ve changed my opinion on that. Did I cry? Yes. Did I feel moved by it? Yes. Was I disappointed? Absolutely not.

I believe that everyone should have all the facts. If you would like to have more information regarding the Boston Marathon attack, please go to here.

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