The bullshit final rule – Hunted – TV Show Review


I want to start by saying that I have watched Hunted from the start and have spent the last 7 weeks really thinking this show had the potential be the next Survivor. While it was way different, the reality story and getting to last the 28 days is similar to Survivor. However, like a lot of people on Twitter tonight for the finale, Hunted not only destroyed their chance at a successful 2nd season but also getting it viewers back.

Up until tonight, Hunted had seem like a fair show. I mean if we ignore the cameras and people always willing to help the teams, it seemed to be a simple search and find show. Again, a lot easier then in actual real life but this is a show with a time crunch. Tonight Hunted decided to throw it playbook out the window and introduce it’s “Final Last Rule”. The teams that survived, English & Steven and Lee & Hilmar, had to log onto a “secure” website to get their final instructions. However the website is not secure because the hunters now know their exact location where they logged onto the website from. This is bullshit. This final rule would take anyone who has been off the raider of the hunters up until this point, right back into their raider. The hard work of Lee & Hilmar, if we ignore the flying in the wife part, were off the raider of the hunters and were basically set to win the whole thing. However, once they got onto the website, boom the teams closed in.


This website gave final instructions. It walked them through the location of where they would fly out of, where they would get their money and how they were to get to their flight. First issue is the website, which I mentioned earlier. Second, the money at a bank which also show where to the hunters. Third, they leave on foot. No one would leave with $250,000 on foot. No one. And when they leave on foot, it allows the hunters teams to catch up with them before they reach the final flight. Both English & Steven and Lee & Hilmar won. They got the money.


If you’ve watched from the start, you know that we met English & Steven 2 weeks ago. Yes, we met them 2 weeks ago. And now they win. I don’t know whose editing the show or whose doing the story (because for reality shows they have those things), but they need to be fired. If you’re going to show someone whose a winner, you start them from episode one, regardless if their story is boring and they just sit placed. That’s what Lee & Hilmar did from the start. They did the best out of any of the teams, minus the flying the wife in which was stupid. However, English & Steven weren’t even on the show enough to really be counted a fair time to win. If you clocked their time on the show, I would surprised if it was even a full hour. Ridiculous.

This entire show had promise. It had the ability to become a fan favorite and last through quite a few seasons. However, as show on Twitter through others using the hashtag with me, it’s obvious I’m not the only one who is fed up with this final last rule. They completely gutted the entire point of this show and I get, okay we need to wrap things up and add some drama but there’s gotta be a better way then this. It was a clear message of, we don’t really know how to end this show so here’s our best idea. Boring. Lame. Cheap. Unfair. Cheating. Ridiculous. Bullshit.

I could give way more adjectives but I wont. I planned on my final review being a 10 out of 10 because I enjoyed this show so much but now it’s getting a 1 out of 10 stars. I give it one star because the past 7 weeks wouldn’t be worth it otherwise. Also, Lee & Hilmar won. But I would’ve given it 2 stars but English & Steven won too and we didn’t know them well enough for that. So my final review is 1 out of 10 stars. And it doesn’t deserve a second season CBS. Unless you change your final rule, drastically. Let it be 8 weeks of a show that had potential but you destroyed. And I’m with Vicki!



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