A Little Update on Me

A little update on me. I’ve changed job. I am no longer working for Meijer. I parted ways from them after they decided to cut my hours and I was having issues keeping up with my bills. I am now working at the Post Office facility near here. It’s not my favorite job (I get bored a lot) but it pays more and I’m not having to worry about my bills.

I am still looking for a job in my degree field however. That is proving to be just as difficult as it was last year. I have had some not so great interviews, one guy was completely rude to me and I will never go back there again. That place has been added to my list of places to not apply to again. And apparently it’s a sign because I see job postings for that business a lot since then.

I have been wondering what is going on with this. Is it because I don’t have the experience? Is it just that I am not the right fit for the places I’ve interviewed? Or is it something else entirely? At this point I’m stumped. However, I am still apply and still trying. I had another interview that I am hoping to hear on but the woman is going out of state to train new employees at their other location so I have to wait for her to get back.

It’s become a waiting game. I’m still hoping and I’m still working. The temp agencies I’ve used have been a complete and total bust. They’ve also been a waste of time because they have not gotten me a job nor have they been in contact with me. It seems like those are proving to be no better for me.

Well that’s the update on me. I am working second shift so unless my days off match when I watch my shows, I haven’t been able to do as much tweeting allow with them as I would like. I really miss being able to do that and talk with people about what is happening. I’ll get back onto first shift at some point, hopefully soon. In til then however, I am doing what I can and I’m still applying. Wish me luck!


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